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#15245 wontfix jQuery('text-decoration') on Chrome 31~36 returns "text-decoration-line" and "text-decoration-color" which are not expected yet yanni4night

Chrome supports "text-decoration-line" and "text-decoration-color" but it has a bug that we cannot set them,for example:

document.querySelector("p").style.textDecoration="underline solid rgba(0,255,0,1)";

That changes nothing.

What is worse,we cannot set,but we can get:


We get

"underline solid rgba(0,255,0,1)"


This issue is fixed since Chrome 37 as I know.I think jQuery 1.x and 2.x should fix it on Chrome 31~36.

#15242 migrated jQuery - element not triggering events after wrap lckOoO

When I dynamically create a div using jQuery, use it to wrap another element (using jQuery.wrap() method) and bind some events to the wrapper, they don't get triggered.

See this fiddle - http://jsfiddle.net/tqzzdu21/

#15241 fixed update HTML5shiv elements m_gol alexanderF

Just realized, that the list is out of date. The additions would be:

dialog, main, picture, template.

If you don't want to add too much, I think the "picture" element is quite important.

I also made a PR: https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pull/1655

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