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#10190 migrated "upload" property of the XMLHttpRequest [email protected]

There is a "upload" property in the xhr object returned by new XMLHttpRequest() in supported browser. But the object returned by $.ajax() seems didn't contain this property. This property is important to get the state of file upload progress.

#13335 fixed "use strict"; break asp.net ajax postacks in FF dmethvin psyafter

"use strict" mode in jQuery 1.9.0 break asp.net ajax postbacks in FF.

Microsoft js framework can't work in "use strict" mode because of this line while (caller.arguments.callee.caller && --recursionLimit) {

FF failed with error: TypeError: access to strict mode caller function is censored

If I remove "use strict" in jQuery file so asp.net js framework begin posts without any error.

#6799 duplicate "val" variable from jQuery.css() (v1.4.3) leaks into global namespace jeff_themovie

This commit fixes it: http://github.com/jeff-themovie/jquery/commit/a8186ae2cd33f4e589945e52eb91dda5b67748d8

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