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#12654 notabug DatePicker random dates not valid [email protected]

Here is my configuration:

$('.date').datepicker('option', $.datepicker.regional[gdml.culture.getCulture()]);


changeYear: true, changeMonth: true, yearRange: 'c-100:c+100', dateFormat: gdml.culture.getDateFormat(), minDate: new Date(1900, 01, 01), maxDate: '+0d'


I'm using the DatePicker with French locale. Picking random dates invalidates sometimes. For example, 08/16/1920 is not valid but 08/24/1920 is ???

This is extremely random with no specific date giving issues.

getDateFormat comes from custom code:

var gdml = gdml
{ };

gdml.culture = function () {

var cultureName = "",

setCulture = function (name) {

cultureName = name;

}, getCulture = function () {

return cultureName;

}, isFrenchLocale = function () {

return cultureName.toLowerCase() == "fr";

}, isEnglishLocale = function () {

return !isFrenchLocale();

}, dateFormat = 'mm/dd/yy', getDateFormat = function () {

return dateFormat;

}, setDateFormat = function (value) {

dateFormat = value;


return {

setCulture: setCulture, getCulture: getCulture, isFrenchLocale: isFrenchLocale, isEnglishLocale: isEnglishLocale, getDateFormat: getDateFormat, setDateFormat: setDateFormat


} ();

#12657 notabug ui-helper-hidden-accessible class "hiding" is broken in Chrome [email protected]

We're seeing an issue in Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79 m (latest as of writing this) that a <select> tag with the ui-helper-hidden-accessible class applied inside an absolutely or relatively positioned container is not being hidden.

The problem happens because the style is applying left: -99999999px; which appears to be too large of a number and is reverting it to left: 0px;, left justifying it with the inside of its parent that is absolutely or relatively positioned.

The offending line is .ui-helper-hidden-accessible { position: absolute; left: -99999999px; } in file http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.8.2/themes/redmond/jquery-ui.css

This only appears to happen in Chrome, but similarly it only happens with this class (the others have smaller values for the left positioning.)

The largest number that appears to work in Chrome is: left: -35789999px;

I will also attempt to file this as a Chrome bug as well, but in the meantime jQuery is causing it to happen by having a value that's too large.

#12660 notabug Animations raises TypeError when Object is prototyped. [email protected]

When adding a function in the prototype property of Object, ie :

if (!Object.noopFunc) {
        Object.prototype.noopFunc = function(e) {
                return "noOp";

animations such as fadeOut raise an exception :

$("div").fadeOut(500, someCallback);

Uncaught TypeError: Object function (e) {
    return "noOp";
} has no method 'concat' 

Here is a sample traceback :

(anonymous function) jquery-1.8.2.js:8595
jQuery.extend.each jquery-1.8.2.js:605
createTweens jquery-1.8.2.js:8594
Animation jquery-1.8.2.js:8683
jQuery.fn.extend.animate.doAnimation jquery-1.8.2.js:9005
jQuery.extend.dequeue jquery-1.8.2.js:1894
jQuery.fn.extend.queue jquery-1.8.2.js:1937
jQuery.extend.each jquery-1.8.2.js:611
jQuery.fn.jQuery.each jquery-1.8.2.js:241
jQuery.fn.extend.queue jquery-1.8.2.js:1930
jQuery.fn.extend.animate jquery-1.8.2.js:9015
jQuery.each.jQuery.fn.(anonymous function) jquery-1.8.2.js:9100
myNiceEffectFunction jQueryBugOnObjectProrotype.html:17
jQuery.Callbacks.fire jquery-1.8.2.js:974
jQuery.Callbacks.self.fireWith jquery-1.8.2.js:1082
jQuery.extend.ready jquery-1.8.2.js:406
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