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#10595 invalid Selectbox width() and css('width') discrepancies Adam

See JS fiddle at: http://jsfiddle.net/8MW4u/3/

CSS: width: 100px border: 1px padding: 5px

The jQuery width() method incorrectly subtracts the borders width (2px) of a 100px width selectbox in Chrome, reporting the width as 98px instead. This does not happen with an input field of type text with the exact same CSS.

In Firefox the discrepancy is even worse, since there the padding is also subtracted, reporting a width of 88px. Again, for a text input everything works fine.

The exact same problem occurs with css('width'), which reports the same values.

Why are the reported widths of a selectbox not consistent with the reported widths of a text input? And why not cross-browser consistent at least?

#10643 worksforme JQuery live mouseleave bug Adam

Here's my jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/yLv5d/2/

The problem: I have a live handler for "mouseenter mouseleave" which works as expected if I don't have any other handlers, but breaks down when I add another live handler for "mouseout" on another element. Unless I'm mistaken, these should not interact with each other. However, adding the mouseout event causes the original live handler that is supposed to fire only on mouseenter/mouseleave to instead fire on mouseenter/mouseout.

In my example jsfiddle, there's no way "mouseout" should be printed, right? Yet it is when you move your mouse off the blue div.

This seems to work in jQuery 1.5 but not 1.6

#1894 fixed Interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight ? Adrenalin

Can you please add interface's SlideOutLeft,SlideOutRight,SlideInLeft,SlideOutRight like effect since it doesn't work anymore with jQuery 1.2.1.. And I can't do "movie like" effects :(

Maybe that's already in some trunk since I need to use that urgent..

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