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#15148 plugin findExclude - a descendant traversal feature similar to nextUntil / parentsUntil / prevUntil... stealthpaladin

Currently there seems to be no dedicated method to traverse while filtering certain branches.

Usefulness is similar to the *Until methods; I have not named it findUntil as find should not stop descendant traversal except for matching branches.

An example is provided here, in the js section lines 0-22: http://jsfiddle.net/KX65p/1/

Notable use cases:

  • Especially good for situations where elements with a given selector exist nested inside elements matching the same selector.
  • Can provide new functionality consistent with current traversal methods for descendants where CSS selectors and .not are inadequate.

One example of the problem exists on StackOverflow.

The above problem would be solved with $('table').findExclude('.target','table') which will search within each table individually without crossing into sub-tables. Most helpful when inside $('table').each()

Inspired by my similar, but wordier, problem which is addressed in the JSFiddle.

This is my first go at contributing, so please feel free to direct my attention elsewhere!

Originally I thought to leave this as a plugin but it does seem to fit with the *Until family of logic very closely in traversal methods. There is no particular version in which I think this feature should be introduced.

#15147 fixed Reintroduce use of requestAnimationFrame markelog

See https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pull/1578 and http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/9381 for more info

#15145 notabug img tag with empty src, prop('src') returns URL of page [email protected] [email protected]

<img src> attr('src') returns empty string prop('src') returns the URL of the page


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