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#15152 duplicate problem with prev() et next() (with firefox only) bsuagher

i have a problem with prev() et next() jquery function (with firefox only) it works fine with version 1.8.3 but doesnt work since 1.9.1 firefox version 30.0

here's my fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/6p4Cp/

#15151 fixed msxml2.domdocument error with jQuery 2 gibson042 Ianchi

There is an error when using msxml2.domdocument wrapped on jQuery 2.x. It Works fine with jQquery 1.x

The problematic code can be found in http://jsfiddle.net/Ufh8y/14/ and is as follows:

var xmlDoc = $(new ActiveXObject("msxml2.domdocument.6.0"));
xmlDoc.find("ConnectionString").each(function () {

When run in IE11 with jQuery 1.x it works OK but in jQuery 2.x I get the following error:

SCRIPT450: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment File: jquery-git2.js, Line: 4994, Column: 2

The problema seems to be when it trys for the existance of the method "getElementsByTagName"

var ret = context.getElementsByTagName ? ....

this raises an error which is no longer trapped in v2.


#15150 notabug .data() doesn't convert '10.00' to number. gersonk
<span id="a" data-value='10.00'>
<span id="b" data-value='10.01'>
  $("#a").data("value"); // returns "10.00" (string)
  $("#b").data("value"); // returns 10.01 (number)
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