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#15088 invalid SCRIPT70: Access denied IN IE9/10/11 WHEN set new location suorce on IFRAME ELEMENT Frank Frank

This ticket mentions the same anomaly ticket http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/14535#trac-add-comment. When I access the content and/or update the source of an iframe IE9/10/11 returns the error: SCRIPT70: Access is denied; only applying the fix reported in commento11 the ticket # 14535 posted by "Muley" (fix-> http://jsfiddle.net/xqb4s/) the fault no longer occurs.

#14927 invalid missing argument declaration Fredrik Blomqvist Fredrik Blomqvist

the "completed" function (called from jQuery.ready.promise) seems to miss declaring argument "event" (1.10.2 has it).

function completed(/* event? */) {
	// readyState === "complete" is good enough for us to call the dom ready in oldIE
	if ( document.addEventListener || event.type === "load" || document.readyState === "complete" ) {

I.e it will currently throw an error in a browser that doesn't have an addEventListener.

#10187 invalid attr function not working on ie7 and jquery 1.6.2 version Frezze12 Frezze12

I have this code running on a click event of a button: this supouse to change some values of a (.net) range validator

$('#rangeValidatosId').attr({"title":"Some text"

,"MaximumValue": "10/10/2011", "MinimumValue": 10/12/2011 ,"type": "Date", "dateorder": "dmy" });

and it works fine on ie7 and ie8 if i use the jQuery 1.5.1 version but when i change to jQuery 1.6.2 version, the code does not work correctly on ie7. (o.s. win 7)

I mean: ie7 + jQuery 1.5.1 = works fine ie7 + jQuery 1.6.2 = does not works ie8 + jQuery 1.5.1 = works fine (including compatibility view) ie8 + jQuery 1.6.2 = works fine (including compatibility view)

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