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#15158 migrated Allow to fire callbacks in reversed order using $.Callbacks object logo

A new flag (e.g. "reversed") could be added to $.Callbacks object, which would make callbacks.fire() method to fire callbacks in reversed order.

Stack-based execution patterns are very popular and this flag would add another possible usage to this simple yet powerful tool.


function fn1( value ) {
  console.log( value );
function fn2( value ) {
  console.log( "fn2 says: " + value );
  return false;

var callbacks = $.Callbacks( "reversed" );
callbacks.add( fn1 );
// Outputs: foo!
callbacks.fire( "foo!" );
callbacks.add( fn2 );
// Outputs: fn2 says: bar!, foo!
callbacks.fire( "bar!" );
#15157 invalid IE8 only: "this" binding being associated to the wrong element when the event callback is executed leolimasa leolimasa

The “this” reference is not being set correctly to the element that has fired the event, when using any of the jQuery event attaching functions and the html was manipulated without jquery before.

The following HTML code will reproduce the issue when executed in IE8 or in IE8 mode: <html>


<script src="mpage-jquery/src/main/resources/util/js/jquery/jquery-1.11.1.js"></script>

<div id="outsider">click me</div>

<div id="contents"> <div id="mydiv1">div1</div>


<script language="javascript">

Generates ids $("#mydiv1").click(function() { alert("I am: " + this.id); });

perform click to force the div into the cache $("#mydiv1").click();

"reload" the contents and reatach events var html = document.getElementById("contents").innerHTML; $("#contents").html(html); $("#mydiv1").click(function() { alert("I am: " + this.id); });

$("#outsider").click(function() { alert("Outsider ID: " + this.id); });

this will fire the outsider function with the context of mydiv1, due to cache issues on ie8 $("#outsider").click();


</body> </html>

#15156 patchwelcome Firefox offset for SVG element is incorrect when fill and stroke are none benrudolph

It's unclear to me if this is a firefox bug or jquery bug, but when one calls .offset() on an svg element when fill:none; stroke:none it gives an incorrect response. Here's a fiddle:


Try in latest Chrome and Firefox.

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