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#14543 invalid Move more types constants to separate variables like strundefined FarSeeing FarSeeing

As typeof undefined is stored in strundefined why not also store other types?

  1. g. "object" constant is used 17 times in 10 different files as per commit 203569562414304aabec22fd20b0cb17ad34c7ad
#10899 invalid jQuery.load() executes scripts in wrong order Finn Finn

When jQuery.load() loads HTML with both inline and external scripts, all inline scripts are always executed before the external ones. Additionally, the .load() callback function is called after the inline scripts, but before the external scripts.

Test case fiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/TEMLZ/4/

The test case shows the same behaviour on IE 8, FF 3.6, Opera 11.50 and Chrome 12.0.

#11881 cantfix .queue length Frackher Frackher

When you call a multiple selector and use the callback of animate, if you check the queue length it returns 1 and not 0.

Example, one element of the selection animated : console.log "rest in queue 1"

Example, 3 elements of the selection animated : console.log "rest in queue 1" console.log "rest in queue 0" console.log "rest in queue 0"


$("#id .class:lt(3)").animate({right: +=20},1000,function(){rebind();})

function rebind()
 if($("#id .class").queue().lenght<1)
  //do something
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