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#12288 invalid "live" / "delegate" bug about ":enabled" filter [email protected] [email protected]

If we use "live" or "delegate" to attach an event handler (for example about an ajax panel) and if we use one of related selectors or methods to filter ":enabled" elements and if the result of selector represents to a collection of anchors(link tags) and input buttons or other type of inputs then : "that event handler doesn't work just for links(anchors) and the just reason is checking for :enabled on anchors because anchors doesn't have the ability for enabling or disabling" so finally BOOOM $('[rel*="AjaxElement"]:enabled').live('click', function(e){}) inputs ok, anchors boom

#11845 invalid "live" inconsistent behavior with ( axl ) ( dot ) ( ayco ) ( at ) ( gmail ) ( dot ) ( com )

Good morning.

I have found a bug using a multiple selector nested under a second+parameter selector when you later use live().

It's simple, if you use a selector like this $(".foo, .bar", baz); selects all .foo and .bar inside baz,

but if you use that selector to attach events with live() $(".foo, .bar", baz).live("click", function(){alert("yeah");}); attaches the event to all .foo inside baz, and TO ALL .bar IN THE DOCUMENT

You can test it here: http://jsfiddle.net/7eawe/1/ Tested under Chrome 19, FF12, IE8 and IE8 in IE7 compatibility mode.


#1802 fixed "mousemove" consumes lots of CPU time in Firefox aza

Go to the the following page: http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:Mouse_Position

It has a global "mousemove" event. Move the mouse back and forth on the page while watching the CPU consumption of Firefox -- it will shoot up to near 100% consumption. This behavior occurs on any page that "mousemove" is used. The same page in Safari or IE does not exhibit the unwanted behavior.

At least on my system, this causes the mouse to jump around and the browser to stop being responsive.

I am using Firefox

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