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#11708 invalid $.support.boxModel reports false for non-IE browsers ALLPRO

The new method for setting $.boxModel & $.support.boxModel is:

jquery-1.7.2 - line 1455

jQuery.boxModel = support.boxModel = (document.compatMode === "CSS1Compat");

This returns false for ALL browsers when viewing a page without a doctype. That is incorrect as only IE browsers revert to the IE5 doctype in quirks-mode. So it seems the test should really be:

jQuery.boxModel = support.boxModel = (!jQuery.browser.msie || document.compatMode === "CSS1Compat");

The old method for testing boxModel (before 1.7.2) was to create a div with padding and then test its width. This was cumbersome but at least gave a correct result. The new test does not.

This is a serious bug as any code using $.support.boxModel to decide how to measure and size elements is now broken.

#12399 notabug Fade fails if target does have css3 transition properties gnarf ALaguna

Hi there,

I've just updated jQuery to 1.8.0 from 1.7.2 in one of my projects and suddenly realized that fadeIn transition weren't working good.

Basically if the target class or ID does have a CSS3 transition property for opacity it just appear or disappear but does not fade.

In the previous version, the fadeIn, fadeOut just worked fine taking the animation from the one specified in the transition.

I've prepared two jFiddles:

1.8 version: http://jsfiddle.net/ALaguna/sW38M/1/ 1.7.2 version: http://jsfiddle.net/ALaguna/sW38M/2/

#1119 duplicate Strange problem occuring with html() under IE AMIGrAve

Here's a strange problem occuring in IE and not FF:


When posted on the user's list, Yansky has put online a test case with firebug for IE:


The full discussion is here :


Not sure it's a jQuery bug.

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