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#74 fixed css('top') and css('left') [email protected]

It would be really cool for jquery to make an exception for css('top') and css('left') where if they are not set or if they are set to auto it will find them. I've been forced to extend jquery to get the desirec effect:

get the top position of an element $.fn.postop = function() {

var postop = 0; var obj = this.get(0); while(obj && obj != null) {

postop += obj.offsetTop; - obj.scrollTop obj = obj.offsetParent;

} return postop;


get the left position of an element $.fn.posleft = function() {

var posleft = 0; var obj = this.get(0); if(obj) {

posleft = obj.offsetLeft; while((obj = obj.offsetParent) != null) {

posleft += obj.offsetLeft;


} return posleft;


#75 worksforme css('height') too precise? [email protected]

I just checked out jquery from SVN and it seems that the css('top') has become significantly more precise. Here's what's happening:

I'm using my postop() function, mentioned in a previous bug as a jquery enhancement, and css('top') to find the bottom of a input text field. However, what it's returning is the bottom of the text in the text field! (it's excluding padding and border)

This is happening in Camino, however I can't test in FF mac because of a previous bug I mentioned. This was not happening with the dev release of jquery.

#76 fixed .css('height') bug in Mac Opera [email protected]

I'm using revision 155.

In opera mac, it gives the height of a hidden (display:none;) div as -2147483648px using $("#someid").css('height');

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