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#4182 fixed appendTo doesn't return inserted elements john

Currently when calling appendTo (and similar methods) the original elements are returned - instead of the elements that were actually inserted. This means that code like this:


Will only actually add the class to the first paragraph inserted.

#4195 duplicate Cloning Option in IE john

From the mailing list:

when i clone one or more selected <option> from one <select> to another there are differences between IE and firefox.

in IE the cloned element (in the second <select>) stays selected. in firefox the cloned element is not selected.

so which one is correct?

the code:

$('#myselect option:selected').clone().appendTo($('#myselect2'));

#4201 fixed Improved $.param serialization john

I've been using it a lot with a Ruby on Rails backend, and one of the things I need was a way to nest params like the way Rails handles forms/objects, eg. with a Page object:


Unfortunately, $.param didnt translate objects this way, but adding just a few simple lines made it work like a charm:



$.param({page: {name: 'Foo', author: 'Bar'})

Translates to above.

Thought this might be helpful for other people working with Rails/ jQuery and with a little clean up could be a nice addition to core.

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