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#12603 notabug jquey 1.2.6 Unspecified error for offsetParent=elem.offsetParent when drag and drop for more than once [email protected]


When I am using drag and drop with jquery-1.2.6min ,For first time it is working .After once when dragged it is giving error 'Unspecified Eror' at line Of offsetParent=elem.offsetParent.

It is mentioned in google search saying that It is Jquery not supported in IE. How can I solve this issue. Awaiting for earliest reply as is on production Thanking You.

#12605 notabug html() causes an error with the string object Quozzo

When returning the string object through a constructor it causes an error when that string object is used within html(), but not text().


#12607 notabug Bridge function always returns false or this in jquery.ui.widget.js. [email protected]

Please,look in jquery.ui.widget.js at $.widget.bridge function and the following code inside it: if ( methodValue !== instance && methodValue !== undefined ) {

returnValue = methodValue; return false;

} That code makes any function call to widget through bridge to return false or this(instance). I suggest to return returnValue instead of false or comment out the return here.

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