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#10313 invalid Probelmas com relação ao carregamento no Enternet Explorer... Ederson Ederson

The Web site carries normaolmente in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chorme more Enternet Explorer not open what would be the reason? Podessem I would like you to help me. Web site that would be! http://www.acquafibras.com.br/

E-mail for contact: [email protected]

Thank you!

#10002 invalid replaceWith() remove() = "PAGE CANNOT BE SEEN" in IE 7 and below Elrinth Elrinth

To reproduce this:

<span id="weWannaRemoveThis"> <script type="text/javascript"> DoStuff("weWannaRemoveThis"); </script> </span> <script type="text/javascript"> function DoStuff(i_where) {

This below causes "Webpage can't be viewed in this browser" $("#" + i_where).replaceWith("test"); $("#" + i_where).remove();

} </script>

ONLY TESTED ON IETester with IE7 tab, but our clients say there is similar results on their real IE7! This is tested in jquery 1.6.2 and 1.5.3. Didn't test any other versions than that. To solve the issue, I simply don't remove the javascript. I used append/before/prepend/after instead and let the javascript code stay.

#11641 invalid show function does not work in IE [email protected] [email protected]

1) this:

$j(".hesab_form").addClass('mustberemoved').clone().removeClass('mustberemoved').appendTo( $j(this).closest("tr.hesab_banki").find("td.pay_table_go_here") ).show();

2) and this:

$j(".hesab_form").addClass('mustberemoved').clone().removeClass('mustberemoved').show().appendTo( $j(this).closest("tr.hesab_banki").find("td.pay_table_go_here") );

show() function in each two code works fine in FF but number 2 does not work in IE8.

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