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#4348 invalid "htmlfile : non valid argument" under IE7 with appendTo under an iFrame dazz_x

(possibly related to #4059) Have an html page with 2 iframes. One is named "cible" When I try to append a dynamically created style element to the <head> section of the iframe's document (see attached file), IE7 throw the error htmlfile: non-valid argument it works well under FF3, Opera & Safari

The exception happens in a method named "clean", line 957 in jquery-1.3.2.js fragment.appendChild(ret[i]) [debug time - local variables stack =>] i=0, match is undefined, ret[0] is the dynamic style element, context is the good document, elems[0] is the style element too, and fragment seems to me very weird. it has nodeName #document-fragment, and the debugger shows error on particular fields

#2966 invalid "inst" variable can be undefined and cause Droppable to fail fkrueger

I have a nested DIV structure where each DIV is draggable and droppable. When dropping a child DIV onto a parent DIV, this line of the "drop" function of ui.droppable:

var inst = $.data(this, 'droppable'); line 100 of ui.droppable.js

returns an undefined value for inst. This causes the remainder of the function to fail.

As a patch I just put an "if (inst)" around the remainder of the code. This works, and the drop succeeds.

#13571 wontfix "isPlainObject" losts compatibility against 1.9.1 Rick Waldron ystk_skm ([email protected]

You are modifying "isPlainObject" method and it is now losts compatibility against 1.9.1.
When some prototype is set via Object, the prototype have "isPrototypeOf" method. Please check an example for the matter:


# my checking conditon:

Google Chrome 25.0.1364.152 (Official Build 185281)
WebKit 537.22 (@144108)
JavaScript V8

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