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#12590 notabug Zoom and Mouse Position [email protected]


When the page is zoomed in I don't get the right values. Im getting smaller values. It appers that jquery dont takt in to account the zoomed level,

I'm using FF 16.0

#12599 notabug jqXHR object becomes undefined over a period of time - IE8 reports error 'jqXHR' is null or not an object [email protected] [email protected]

In my application I use jquery ajax to fetch the device data at 1 second interval. The device has wince os and the web pages are hosted by httpd web server. We could observe the issue after running the device 2 or more days with web clients connected. The IE status bar displays an error “’jqXHR’ is null or not an object” or 'jqXHR'is undefined (in jquery-1.5.2.js, line no. 6819). I am also catching the request errors by using the jquery error function. But this error reported by IE couldn’t be captured by the error function

Further analyzing I understood there was an improvement done to IE8 garbage collector, to mitigate the circular reference memory leaks. There is a circular reference (closure) present in the ajax function of Jquery (jqXHR referenced in setTimeout handler at line no. 6819).

Timeout if ( s.async && s.timeout > 0 ) {

timeoutTimer = setTimeout( function(){

jqXHR.abort( "timeout" );

}, s.timeout );


Somehow the IE GC clears the jqXHR object at somepoint, even though it is referenced, this should not be the case with the earlier versions of IE.

To prevent IE GC from clearing this object, I declared a global variable and referenced the ajax object, thinking that it will prevent the GC from clearing it, since it has been made as a reachable object now.

jqxhr_obj = $.ajax( { .... });

Unfortunately even this didn't solve the problem.

I think the jquery implementation needs a change in this case to resolve the issue. jqXHR object should not be directly referenced from the setTimeout handler; this issue could be related to variable scope. Kindly analyze and provide your valuable comments.

Refer post:http://forum.jquery.com/topic/jqxhr-is-null-or-not-an-object-error-11-7-2012#14737000003491015

Thanks much!

#12602 notabug passing data argument to .on() fails (1.8.1 vs. 1.8.2 regression) latchkey


The only difference between the two blocks is the optional [data] argument to .on()


formFoo.on('keyup.foo', inputsFoo, checkerFoo); formBar.on('keyup.bar', inputsBar, {'bar':1}, checkerBar); ​ Both work fine with 1.8.1.

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.