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#15225 notabug isWindow doesn't recognize wrapped window elements AKwaschny

Calling jQuery.isWindow() on a wrapped window element, e.g. jQuery(window), returns false.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/zp318pk7/

#6634 duplicate form attributes somtimes become readonly and then .attr() doesn't work anymore AL13N

i thought i found a bug in FF: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=568779

but if you read the response i got from the mozilla team, you see that it's a "feature".

how does it work exactly?

if you have a form, and you have a form element in it, with name or id having one of the attribute names of that form (name, action, ...), the form attribute in question becomes readonly with the generic accessors (the property), however, the setAttribute() function works as a workaround.

in my code i had to do: .attr(k, v) IF .attr(k) != v .get(0).setAttribute(k, v)

my proposal is to fix this workaround inside the .attr() function. so that this "feature", will not be problematic with all those users. it lost huge amounts of time due to this "feature"

#1876 fixed ui.dialog.js - Dialog Positioning Improvement rworth ALLPRO

The current code for positioning a dialog window does not work if the dialog source DIV is 'hidden', which is likely to be a common way of using the dialog component. (I put my dialogs inside a hidden container div.) The problem is that you cannot 'measure' a div that is not displayed. This prevents the proper positioning of the dialog, such as 'center'.

There is a very simple solution - set...

display: block; visibility: hidden

...before measuring width and height. This allows dimensions to be taken without making the DIV visible.

Here is the modified 'open' code - only the first and last lines are new...

this.open = function() {
  uiDialog.appendTo('body')'''.css({ visibility: 'hidden' })'''.show();
  var wnd = $(window), top = 0, left = 0;
  switch (options.position) {
    case 'center':
      top = (wnd.height() / 2) - (uiDialog.height() / 2);
      left = (wnd.width() / 2) - (uiDialog.width() / 2);
    case 'left':
      top = (wnd.height() / 2) - (uiDialog.height() / 2);
      left = 0;
    case 'top':
      top = 0;
      left = (wnd.width() / 2) - (uiDialog.width() / 2);
  uiDialog.css({ top: top, left: left, visibility: 'visible'  });
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