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#12640 invalid jquery.min.js crashed in IE9 when call a.getAttribute("classid"). [email protected] [email protected]

Some object doesn't have property "getAttribute" (he is null) and when call this property (is not exits) all crashed. After wrote a check of existing property - all work normally.

#12743 notabug IE6 - events causes memory leak Drawk Drawk

Attach an event to an element causes memory leaks on IE 6 (try refreshing the page several times) :

This bug is also present on version 1.7.*

#7910 invalid event.target is maybe undefined i EMVI EMVI

in jQuery.event.special.change.filters.beforeactivate is event.target maybe undefined



.trigger(new $.Event({ target: myElementNode, pe: 'focus' });

I fixed it in an external file, so I don't want modify the original source.

var _beforeactivate = jQuery.event.special.change.filters.beforeactivate; jQuery.event.special.change.filters.focus = jQuery.event.special.change.filters.beforeactivate = function( e ) {

e.target = e.target | | e.currentTarget | | e.originalTarget;



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