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#1968 invalid "g has no properties" + fix davidserduke daimoni


There's a small in 1.2.1 that causes firefox to say "g has no properties" and ie display error on page when using $().hover.

No patch included, sorry.. but the bug is easy to notice -

Here's the fixed code.. Notice that hover: function takes f and g parameters, and after that initializes private function. However, in JQuery's code g-parameter is not passed to the private function at all, handleHover only takes e as parameter. Adding missing g to handleHover makes all shiny again.

Lines around 1900 or so:

	hover: function(f,g) {
		// A private function for handling mouse 'hovering'
		function handleHover(e,g) {
			// Check if mouse(over|out) are still within the same parent element
			var p = e.relatedTarget;
#6968 fixed "handle" won't work as a key for .data() method snover itachi

--- to reproduce, evaluate:

/* any jQuery el */

var $el = $(document)

/* set "handle" to anything but a function */

$el.data("handle", {}))

/* this fails, see line 1850 where jQuery.trigger() function assumes that jQuery.data( elem, "handle" ) is a function */


--- expected: "handle" keyword work or is marked invalid in docs

#7139 fixed "hover" event alias should work for .bind as well as .live dmethvin cowboy

Is there a reason this is .live-only?


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