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#12578 notabug [Opera] Unhandled DOMException: SYNTAX_ERR [email protected] [email protected]

Win7 x64 Opera 12.02 (latest)

Bug: Stops executing jQuery. Applies for jQuery 1.8.0 and above. Does NOT apply for 1.7.1 and probably below.

I've made a crash demo page, pls. visit using Opera 12.02. This is how it is intended to be - scroll down the page and watch the Menu buttons on the left move. Uses 1.7.1: http://www.hamburger-webseiten.de/

This demo page shows an error when debugging with Opera Dragonfly. As a result the menu will not move at all or, if using the .min jquery, the menu will pop from left to right endlessly causing 100% CPU: http://www.hamburger-webseiten.de/test/opera-crash-demo/

The error occurs on jQuery line 5152.

If it's an Opera bug that the try isn't catched, pls let me know so I can report a bug to Opera. Thanks.

#12581 notabug IE8 append to must have a closing tag theallan

Its very handy to be able to create HTML tags with the jQuery 'selector' but, it seems that IE8 requires the closing tag is some circumstances and not others (specifically it is needed when passed into append, but not the main selector)

$('#one').append('<span>'); Its this one which is not being inserted $('#one').append('<span></span>');

$('<span>').appendTo('#three'); $('<span></span>').appendTo('#four');


Its obviously easy to close the tag off, but I'd have expected the interface for the two method used here to have the same outcome.

#12582 notabug A problem with Resizable [email protected]

my english is not very good , but i am working on it .

I visit http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Resizable,

use demo, if i press left button down, the cursor state is LeftRight or

UpDown, mouse location > block's width and height,

but only change whith or height.

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