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#64 fixed jQuery is not defined error taote

With revision Rev: 29:

When I include the libraries ifx.js and iutil.js from the Interface plugin, I get the error "jQuery is not defined" for each library.

And even I don´t include them, I also get the error "event has no properties" in jquery.js (line 744).

I´m working with Firefox 1.5

#65 fixed Opacity style attribute bug john


This bug ocuress becose IE don't have opacity as style attribute and z.cur function in fx returns NaN.

Get the current size z.cur = function(){

return parseFloat( jQuery.css(z.el,prop) );


z.cur with fix

Get the current size z.cur = function(){

if (prop == "opacity" && window.ActiveXObject)

return parseFloat( jQuery.css(z.el,"filter").replace(/D+/, )

100 ) / 100;

return parseFloat( jQuery.css(z.el,prop) );


#66 fixed Delete opacity property john

The opacity property should be deleted (or reset) after an animation has completed. Being left at 0.999 (or whatever) can cause strange bugs to occur in browsers.

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.