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#11595 invalid the filter of contents() can't get correct nodes [email protected] [email protected]

example: html:

<p>Hello <a href="http://ejohn.org/">John</a>, how are you doing?</p>



then, the result should be:

<p><b>Hello</b> <a href="http://ejohn.org/">John</a>, <b>how are you doing?</b></p>

but in version 1.7.2, i get the result:

<p>Hello <b><a href="http://ejohn.org/">John</a></b>, how are you doing?</p>
#7713 worksforme .template parameters not evaluated in firefox [email protected] [email protected]

Take an example part of the template <a href="${www}" class='link' rel='external'>${www}</a>

In FF 3.6.12 it renders as (href part is not replaced with actual link)

<a href="$%7Bwww%7D" class='link' rel='external'>some.site.com</a>

While in Chrome it works OK

<a href="some.site.com" class='link' rel='external'>some.site.com</a>

However in similar situation (where template var is tag parameter) works OK in both browsers:

<input name='title' id='title' value='${title}'/>

<input name='title' id='title' value='Some title'/>

#13379 invalid parseHTML() [email protected] [email protected]

var doms = parseHTML(str, document, true); the "script" tag not include in the return value. I check the source of the 1.9.0.There must be a bug.

from china.

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