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#15248 migrated Jquery caching DELETE Request on Android knobli

I'm trying to use ajax() from jquery to send a DELETE Request on Android in a Phonegap App. Like this:

function removeObject(id) {
        type : "DELETE",
        url : getAPIUrl() + '/object.php',
        data : {
            'id' : id
        cache: false
    }).done(function(data) {
        if (data.success) {
        } else {

It looks like the response will be cached, the first request is successful and will be sent to the backend, the second one with another id, is also successful but never get to the backend.

There is no such issue with the same js in Chrome and on iOS.

My workaround is to put a Math.random() variable on the ur:

		type : "DELETE",
		url : getAPIUrl() + '/object.php?' + Math.random() * Math.random(),
#15247 migrated Deferred API: deferred.progress() is still available after the deferred object resolved or rejected yuuuuc

As the jQuery documentation say in http://api.jquery.com/deferred.notify/:

Any calls to .notify() after a Deferred is resolved or rejected (or any progressCallbacks added after that) are ignored.

But when i read jQuery source code, the progressCallback is just locked when the deferred object is resolved or rejected. So if the .notify() was not called before we call .resolve() or .reject(), the progressCallback will be disabled, but if the .notify() was called before we call .resolve() or .reject(), the progressCallback was just locked.

This issue exist in 1.8-edge version of jQuery.

You can check out the code example here:


#15246 notabug $.extend with deep copy of an array property merges the array instead of replacing it i23098

If I run $.extend(true, {}, {'a': [1,2,3]}, {'a':[4]}) I would expect the result to be {"a":[4]} as property a should be overwritten instead of merged...


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