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#12560 notabug jQuery's detach is calling Prototype's remove, even in noConflict mode [email protected]

When an animation, using jQuery's detach function for the callback, is queued on an element twice, the detach function fails, and tries to run Prototype's remove function, which throws an error.

Demonstration: http://jsfiddle.net/67MfS/3/ Click the show/hide button, then click it again while the fadeOut animation is running. The console will show "TypeError: element.parentNode is null" in prototype.js.

I'm not sure if the problem is occurring when the callback is called, or when the second fadeOut attempts to run on the already detached element (though the element does not appear to be detaching). In either case, however, the prototype function should *not* be trying to run. jQuery usually fails much more gracefully when it cannot find the matching element.

Tested using Prototype 1.7 and both jQuery 1.7.1 and 1.8.1, in Firefox 15, Chrome 21, and IE7-IE9. (Both Windows and Linux for FF and Chrome) The behavior does *not* appear in IE8, for whatever reason.

#12564 notabug Curious value obtained with outerHeight function stephane

After updating jQuery from the version 1.7.2 to version 1.8.1, the following instructions does not return an integer value, but it returns the "document" HTML element.

$(document).outerHeight(); -> [ Document# ]

Sorry for my approximative english...

Regards, Stéphane Lasmartres

#12565 notabug compilation error (closure compiler) anonymous

jquery-1.8.1.js:4110: ERROR - variable name is undeclared

return context.getElementsByName( name );


Closure Compiler (http://code.google.com/closure/compiler) Version: 20120710 (revision 2079)


--jscomp_error undefinedVars --jscomp_error unknownDefines --jscomp_error visibility

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