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#2093 fixed Plugins cleanup. zimbatm

Some ideas to clean the plugins.

First of all, it's not really handy to have each plugins handling it's own release. Dependencies fastly get complicated and it's difficult to know in what state each plugin is. Does it have a maintainer ? Does it still work with the latest code ?

Another way would be to have two groups of plugins. One for "official" plugins, that stay in sync and are released with jquery. The other one is for the "wannabe official", where releases are unofficial. Naturally, each plugin would need to have an official maintainer and would return in the "wannabe" group if it is gone.

The current structure is also a bit messy. Not all plugins respect the jquery.$pluginname.js convention, not all have tests, etc.. Why not impose a set of rules, like these ones, and force the META.json plugin descriptor, .. ?

#2095 invalid [PATCH] new GetText plugin zimbatm

I tough it might be useful to have an unified way of translating text. Some times, you never get the text from DOM elements but still need to show something to the user. For example the date picker.

Most of those plugins often build a translation table in their way. So at the of the day, you must look up every plugin that you use if you want to support a new language.

The current solution I've come up is not the definitive answer but it's already as good as those solutions but in an unified way. The biggest benefit is that it can be integrated with the GetText package or you can do the things on your own. As you wish.

#1044 fixed Error appending colgroup zildji4n

I get the javascript error message "[ object error ]" while trying to change the content of an element, such as <div> or <form>. I have tried both html() and appendTo and keep getting the same error message.

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