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#12556 notabug $(document).ready vs safari browser [email protected] [email protected]

$(document).ready function is not work in Safari (ver:5.1.7) browser!

#12557 notabug attr('selectedIndex') fails with 1.5.2+ Denis TRUFFAUT Denis TRUFFAUT

Tested on 1.8.1 It is a regression since it was working with 1.5.2.

Test : http://jsfiddle.net/G9U6N/

Tags : JQuery select attr selectedIndex fail bug list change bind index

Test summary :

// /* attr('selectedIndex') fail test */ /* ------------------------------------------ */ /* Scenario is a beautiful CSS list binded */ /* on an ugly select. Click on list elements */ /* (1,2,3) to attempt to trigger the select */ /* ------------------------------------------ */ /* .fail works with 1.5 but fails with 1.5+ */ //

$('.fail').click(function() {

/* This line fails */ $('#my_select').attr('selectedIndex',parseInt($(this).html()) - 1); $('#my_select').trigger('change'); return false;


$('.ok').click(function() {

document.getElementById('my_select').selectedIndex = parseInt($(this).html()) - 1; $('#my_select').trigger('change'); return false;


<select id="my_select">

<option value='1'>Option 1</option> <option value='2'>Option 2</option> <option value='3'>Option 3</option>

</select> <br/> <table border=1 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0>


<td width=100 align=center>Fail</td> <td width=100 align=center>OK</td>

</tr> <tr>

<td align=center>

<a class="fail" href="#">1</a><br/> <a class="fail" href="#">2</a><br/> <a class="fail" href="#">3</a><br/>

</td> <td align=center>

<a class="ok" href="#">1</a><br/> <a class="ok" href="#">2</a><br/> <a class="ok" href="#">3</a><br/>




#12558 notabug Sortable broken in absolutely positioned div with bottom 0 [email protected]

I am seeing some strange behavior with Jquery 1.8 where scrolling is not working on a sortable list. Here is a fiddle example: http://jsfiddle.net/m765z/3/

As you can see, the list is not scrolling on the drag. If you downgrade to 1.7.2, everything works as desired.

Here is a StackOverflow question that another user opened about this very issue:


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