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#55 fixed this.set is not a function [email protected]

When trying to use:



$("#reply_field dd").html(reply_name);

I get the following error in Firefox 1.5 or Safari on the Mac: this.set is not a function from line 541 of the jquery-svn.js rev. 134:

this[0][n] : this.set( n, h );

My jquery commands are called in the following function which is defined in the html as an onclick command:

function replyTo(comment_id, reply_name){

$("#commentbox").fadeIn("slow"); $("#parent_id").val(comment_id); $("#reply_field dd").html(reply_name);


Basic jquery, so quite surprised to see this error :/

#56 fixed type is undefined in this.attr() [email protected]

Whenever this.attr() is called, I get the following error message in Firefox

type is not defined (line 221 of jquery-svn.js rev 134)

I fixed it by adding a type parameter to this.attr()

#57 fixed Event handler registration is broken in rev 134 [email protected]

Event handlers registered through this.bind() are not called at all.

I fixed this by changing line 525 of [source:jquery/jquery/[email protected] jquery/jquery.js] from:

var a = arguments;


var args = arguments;

and changing line 527 from:

n.apply( this, a );


n.apply( this, args );

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