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#7844 invalid Memory leak in offset initialize Charles Chan <[email protected]…> Charles Chan <[email protected]…>

In the initialize method of offset.js, the following code will leak in IE:

		body.removeChild( container );

We need to also set the outerHTML to for the container.

		body.removeChild( container );
                container.outerHTML = '';
#7845 invalid Memory leak in globalEval in core.js Charles Chan <[email protected]…> Charles Chan <[email protected]…>

In globalEval, the following code will leak in IE8:

head.removeChild( script );

We need to add outerHTML = for the script element:

head.removeChild( script );
script.outerHTML = '';
#11205 invalid .submit() documentation example is outdated/incorrect about effect of trigerring submit Chealer Chealer

http://api.jquery.com/submit/ contains:

For example, consider the HTML:

<form id="target" action="destination.html">
  <input type="text" value="Hello there" />
  <input type="submit" value="Go" />
<div id="other">
  Trigger the handler

The event handler can be bound to the form:

$('#target').submit(function() {
  alert('Handler for .submit() called.');
  return false;

Now when the form is submitted, the message is alerted. This happens prior to the actual submission, so we can cancel the submit action by calling .preventDefault() on the event object or by returning false from our handler. We can trigger the event manually when another element is clicked:

$('#other').click(function() {

After this code executes, clicks on Trigger the handler will also display the message. In addition, the default submit action on the form will be fired, so the form will be submitted.

The last sentence is not correct, at least with current jQuery. Comments 5 and 6 in http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/4930 suggest that jQuery's behavior changed.

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