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#12538 notabug HTML String instances not handled as string [email protected]

JQuery does not (up till 1.8.1 at least) handle String instances as strings, but objects:

    >>> $(new String('<div>asdf</div>'));
    [ String ]

This test causes said behaviour:

    // Handle HTML strings
    if ( typeof selector === "string" ) {

and should read

    // Handle HTML strings
    if ( typeof selector === "string" || selector instanceof String ) {

or any other testing method for instance of a prototype / class.

This may not be the most important feature in the world, but it did surprise us when using a factory producing String instances and trying to append them to DOM through jQuery.

#12544 notabug Width property [email protected] [email protected]

jQuery not reading the image width. It will only return a function as a value or 0.

#12547 notabug window.onbeforeunload fires twice with IE8 under special circumstances [email protected] [email protected]

The event window.onbeforeunload fires twice when we click a button via Javascript.


It happens, when clicking "click button via JavaScript" or "click dynamic generated button".

The problem occurs with IE8, it does not occure with Firefox (15) and Chrome (21).

It worked fine up to jQuery 1.6.4, since jQuery 1.7 (tested up to 1.8.1) it is broken.

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