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#10453 duplicate Setting the ID on an elements clone also sets the ID in the cloned element in IE7 Brian John <[email protected]…> Brian John <[email protected]…>

Calling clone on an element, then setting the ID on the clone also sets the ID on the cloned element in IE7.

Here is a jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/f1sherman/76Yja/

I was not able to test the JSFiddle in IE7 as I'm not able to get JSFiddle to run at all in IE7.

#8611 invalid AJAX BROKEN IN JQUERY 1.5.1 ON IE8 Celero Celero

I'm trying to consume a JAX-RS Webservice written in Java from Jquery. I succeeded when my jquery version was set to 1.4.3. But I need for another purpose to updgrade my jquery version (to 1.5.1). Since then, my call to the webservice fails.

I need to use IE for my application, so i only encountered that in IE. When i switched back to an older version of jquery, everything works fine...

#8816 invalid Google Chrome .height(), .innerHeight(), .outerHeight() sometimes return Same values Chaoser Chaoser

How to repeat:


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.box {
    position: absolute;
    width: 400px;
    top: 5px; 
    right: 5px;	
    overflow: none;
.box ul { padding: 0; margin: 0; list-style-type: none; }
.box.info, .box.success, .box.warning, .box.error, .box.validation {
    border: 1px solid;
    padding:15px 10px 15px 50px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 10px center;
.box.info {
    color: #00529B;
    background-color: #BDE5F8;
    background-image: url('../images/info.png');


Code highlighting:

<div class="box error" style="top: 5px; display: none; "><ul><li>Sorry, module is not available now. Cannot access Mysql Database</li></ul></div>
<div class="box info" style="top: 30px; display: none; "><ul><li>Sorry, member do not exists</li></ul></div>


Code highlighting:

var last = 5;
$(function() {
$('.box').each(function(i) {
var mb = $(this);
console.log('Height: ' + mb.height() + ', InnerHeight: ' + mb.innerHeight() + ', OuterHeight: ' + mb.outerHeight());
mb.css('top', last).delay(2000 + parseInt(i)*300).fadeOut('slow');
last += parseInt(mb.innerHeight()) + 5;

If you hit refresh more times, sometimes you will get: Height: 20, InnerHeight: 20, OuterHeight: 20 but expected result: Height: 18, InnerHeight: 48, OuterHeight: 50 (for both .box)

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