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#15203 migrated Android 2.3 erroneous handling of script exceptions m_gol m_gol

One test in Ajax and one in Manipulation that concern throwing errors in async scripts are failing in Android 2.3, see e.g.: http://swarm.jquery.org/job/3366

It may be needed to blacklist those tests if there's no way to prevent that behavior (and probably there isn't one).

See also: https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pull/1573

#15202 migrated Test failures in Android 2.3 in appending checked radios m_gol m_gol

Currently almost all Android 2.3 failures concern appending checked radio buttons, see: http://swarm.jquery.org/result/1992038

Fixing that should make the Android 2.3 test run almost green (there's only one other issue left)

#15201 migrated .offset() thinks all elements in the ShadowDom are disconnected, and thus as 0,0 rictic

JSBin link to reproduce: http://jsbin.com/tamugo/2/edit (try in Chrome (or Firefox with dom.webcomponents.enabled turned on))

An element that is in the shadow dom appears in some ways to not be contained in the document. .offset() assumes that if the element isn't contained in the document then it's disconnected and returns an offset of {top: 0, left: 0}.

When .offset() checks to see if the element is disconnected it could try walking up the DOM not only by checking .parentNode as .contains() does but also by looking at .host, which is how one travels up from a shadow root into its containing element.

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