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#4369 invalid I have problems with internet explorer 3dmagicaldesigns

I have installed this great menu on a shopping cart development that I am doing but I have a problem with Internet explorer, the text moves to the right, I have uploaded two picture samples

The site can be analyzed online here:


#1 with firefox ( it looks perfect) #2 with IE, the text moves to the right


Please help!!! I feel stucked. How can I solve this problem

#7694 duplicate JSONP doesn't use Accept-Header application/json [email protected]

If using $.getJSON() or $.ajax() with datatype jsonp or with datatype json and callback=? in the url, the Accept Header of the request is set to */* instead of application/json.

In my case this forces the REST server to respond with application/xml.

The same problem was issued in Ticket #6551, but it was set to invalid. I think this is a valid bug. So I create a new ticket for this.

#9847 duplicate code in a iframe can trigger another iframe's element's events [email protected]

i have a html which contains two iframe,i bind a custome event to a button,when i trigger the event in another event,there is no effects

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