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#1193 wontfix Interface scrollTo()/scrollToAnchors() in Firefox for MAC OS X stefan 3CircleStudio

jQuery version: 1.1.2
Interface version: 1.2
Firefox version:
OS version: MAC OS X 10.4.9

Using interface functions scrollTo() and scrollToAnchors() to navigate to an anchor below the fold when you're at the absolute top of the page results in a bug where you're only taken so far down the page and then it just stops.

If you scroll just a tiny bit down, say 5px from the top, with your mousewheel and then click to navigate to an anchor below the fold it works perfectly.

If you are at the absolute top and click to navigate to an anchor above the fold it works perfectly.

So in conclusion, these functions glitch when you're at the very top of the page clicking a link to navigate to an anchor below the fold.

#3802 invalid help with accordion css 3dmagicaldesigns

I have a big problem:

I want my jquery to look like this:


it is a jquery sample that I installed, but once I tried to install it on the original page where I need it, it seems that I can't make any changes on it, please take a look:


What do I need to do to change my jquery css styles, please help!!, I've been trying for more than 10 hours and it doesn't change.


#4368 duplicate I have problems with internet explorer 3dmagicaldesigns

I have installed this great menu on a shopping cart development that I am doing but I have a problem with Internet explorer, the text moves to the right, I have uploaded two picture samples

The site can be analyzed online here:


#1 with firefox ( it looks perfect) #2 with IE, the text moves to the right


Please help!!! I feel stucked. How can I solve this problem

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