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#217 invalid Sabrina joern

This is a summary for all things related to the work on the ajax module. There is quite a lot to do...

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Global and local handlers: Add a global global flag, defaults to true: This will, by default, call all global ajax handlers; Can be changed global (eg. $.ajaxGlobal = false) or per request, eg. $.ajax({..., global: false, ...});

Attaching global handlers to DOM elements doesn't make much sense in most cases, but it is nice to be able to chain them. Check if it is possible to do this:

var start = function() {...};
var stop = function() {...};

Maybe we should stop putting all and everything into $ namespace:


Whatever change is made, complete the tests first and make sure that backwards compability is not broken. Maybe mark methods or functions as deprecated, but delay there "official" removal for a 2.x release. To prevent bloating the code, do this only if it is really useful.

#218 invalid Brad joern
#228 invalid different behavior for next() in IE and Firefox ?? [email protected]

When using this code:



<title>A Tree</title> <script src='jQuery.js'> </script> <script>

var mustHide = false;

function showHide(element) {

if(mustHide) {


} else {



mustHide = ! mustHide;



</head> <body>


<li>Een</li> <li onclick='showHide(this)'>Twee</li> <ul>

<li>A</li> <li>B</li> <li>C</li>

</ul> <li>Drie</li> <ul>

<li>D</li> <li>E</li>





In IE when clicking Twee (Dutch for Two) Drie (Dutch for Three) and sibblings dissapear, in FireFox the A, B, C part dissapears.

I'm more happy with the FireFox behavior.....

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