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#3289 duplicate "Object doesn't support this property or method" clone problem in IE with sortable Jungers42

We've got some sortable content on a page and we happen to try and embed a YouTube video in one div with the standard flash object / embed tags. This works fine on FireFox but throws an error in Internet Explorer (both IE6 and IE7). Specifically, as soon as the drag begins, you get the error message.

#3142 duplicate "Object doesn't support this property or method" error in MSIE 7 with connected sortable lists containing objects (flash files) weapey

I've been working on an application that uses flash charts in 3 sortable lists all connected to mimic a dashboard where users can drag the panels around in whichever comment they want, then an ajax call is made to store the positions of each graph.

I've been having a problem with MS Internet Explorer 7 however. If you have a list which contains multiple flash objects, the second call to $.ajax or any of its higher level implementations will result in an error if it was called from a callback function of the sortable lists.

This does not result in an error in Firefox. I have not tested it in any other browsers.

The attached files demonstrate the problem the best I can.

#4280 fixed "Permission Denied" errors in IE7 when unloading documents brandon haukurhaf

I've got a document with an iframe, which has a load event applied by jquery.

On unload of the parent document, I get an permission denied error message even though the parent and the iframe are on the same domain.

It appears as if the fix to prevent memory leaks in IE is failing.

This is the function where the error originates:

Prevent memory leaks in IE And prevent errors on refresh with events like mouseover in other browsers Window isn't included so as not to unbind existing unload events jQuery( window ).bind( 'unload', function(){

for ( var id in jQuery.cache )

Skip the window if ( id != 1 && jQuery.cache[ id ].handle )

jQuery.event.remove( jQuery.cache[ id ].handle.elem );


The error itself is thrown in the jQuery.event.remove method, specifically in this line here:

if ( elem.nodeType == 3
elem.nodeType == 8 )

The "Permission Denied" error occurs when accessing the .nodeType property of the elem object.

This is our lazy fix for this problem:

Detach an event or set of events from an element remove: function(elem, types, handler) {

don't do events on text and comment nodes

try {

if ( elem.nodeType == 3
elem.nodeType == 8 )


} catch(e) {



Just enclose this line in a try-catch statement and return false if an error occurs. I don't believe this has any bad side-effects, except perhaps the memory problem with IE.

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