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#6670 notabug OpenSearch Provider for api.jquery.com jdsharp lakario

It would be nice to see an OpenSearch provider added for the API documentation at http://api.jquery.com so that the documentation can be searched using the search bar in the browser of your choice which supports the OpenSearch format. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSearch for more information.

The attached XML file is a mostly implemented example of the OpenSearchDescription.xml file which must be referenced in the header of a page/website supporting OpenSearch.

#10067 notabug Firing $.ready on document.readyState === 'interactive' too mikesherov skaurus

Sorry if dup.

So; imagine situation: FF5, page with ever loading iframe (any other resourse will do I think), jQuery executed after DOMContentLoaded fired (asynchronous loading). On $.bindReady stage document.readyState consistently (a lot of Ctrl+F5) equals to 'interactive', so $.ready wont fire ever, right?

It makes panda sooo sad)

#10110 notabug $.post() doesnt work in safari with $("formname").serialize() [email protected] [email protected]

in the jquery post request if you pass parameters using the serialize function to get the data from the form, it doesnot execute the request in the safari. works fine for FF / Chrome

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