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#11845 invalid "live" inconsistent behavior with ( axl ) ( dot ) ( ayco ) ( at ) ( gmail ) ( dot ) ( com )

Good morning.

I have found a bug using a multiple selector nested under a second+parameter selector when you later use live().

It's simple, if you use a selector like this $(".foo, .bar", baz); selects all .foo and .bar inside baz,

but if you use that selector to attach events with live() $(".foo, .bar", baz).live("click", function(){alert("yeah");}); attaches the event to all .foo inside baz, and TO ALL .bar IN THE DOCUMENT

You can test it here: http://jsfiddle.net/7eawe/1/ Tested under Chrome 19, FF12, IE8 and IE8 in IE7 compatibility mode.


#11983 cantfix Inconsistent change event on file inputs on IE ( axl ) ( dot ) ( ayco ) ( at ) ( gmail ) ( dot ) ( com )

Hi guys.

I'm working with jQuery 1.7.2 and its wonderful event binding methods, and I came across a bug.


First of all we assign a change event to an input type=file (with the on method, delegation way). Then if I open the file dialog and select a file the change event triggers the right way. But if I trigger the click for the input, the file dialog opens but no change event is fired.

THIS ONLY HAPPENS ON IE7/8 Could not test on IE6 Works ok on IE9 Works ok on Chrome Works ok on FF 13 When I tested on FF 3.6 I found that the .click() didn't open the file dialog, so it may be another bug there...


#11991 duplicate jQuery .click() behaves different that browser .click() and human click ( axl ) ( dot ) ( ayco ) ( at ) ( gmail ) ( dot ) ( com )

Hi again guys.

I found .click() is behaving in a strange way so I'll post it here, before all sorry if it's not a bug and it's documented anywhere.

When I assign a "click" handler to a input type=checkbox, normally when the event fires the checkbox is already checked or unchecked, so I can use $(this).is(":checked") to know about the new state. When I say normally, I refer to human click, clicking on a <label for="id"> which points to the checkbox, or document.getElementById("id").click(). But if I do $("#id").click(), the event fires before the checkbox gets checked/unchecked, so I can´t handle the event consistently.

You can see it there: http://jsfiddle.net/s3Jsk/3/

Tested on IE7, 8, FF13 & Chrome 19, wrong behavior everywhere.

I'm thinking about merging it with http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/11983, which also behaves different with browser click and jQuery click;

Best regards.

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