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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#13208 JS error trying to get the id of the document in IE8 gibson042 bug undecided event git
#13089 support adds zoom style to body in Chrome/Safari Zak Johnson <[email protected]…> bug blocker support 1.9b1
#13274 IE < 9: "'jquery' is undefined" w/ sourceMappingURL comment [email protected] bug blocker build 1.9.0
#13281 Wrong order when using .find() in IE7/8 gibson042 bug blocker selector 1.9.0
#13292 $.ajax with 1.9.0 doesn't call anymore success function in case of 204 jaubourg bug blocker ajax 1.9.0
#13306 File input added to serialized forms caused a change in behavior and only halfway follows spec dmethvin bug blocker ajax 1.9.0
#13315 minified manipulation methods fail on oldIE with XML gibson042 bug blocker manipulation git
#13316 Check against jquery.min.js with TestSwarm dmethvin bug blocker build git
#13335 "use strict"; break asp.net ajax postacks in FF dmethvin bug blocker build 1.9.0
#13183 Wrong animation initial value calculation (1.9.0rc1) mikesherov bug high effects 1.9b1
#13276 In IE 9/10 $.parseXML() returning document object instead of XMLDOMDocument jaubourg bug high ajax 1.9.0
#13310 hide() and fadein() corrupt the css display value bug high css 1.9.0
#13349 find function slower since 1.9.0, especially in chrome dmethvin bug high traversing git
#12656 Make event shorthands an excludable module bug low build 1.8.0
#12846 overflow:hidden is not removed when .stop() is called mikesherov bug low effects 1.8.2
#13150 Be able to determine if $.Callback() has functions jaubourg feature low deferred git
#13182 nested has selectors broken in IE7 & IE8 in versions 1.8.2+ gibson042 bug low selector 1.8.2
#13233 Unexpected behavior when iterating over and manipulating detached nodes in jquery 1.9 gibson042 bug low manipulation 1.9.0
#13356 Consistently clean up after .ready() handler markelog feature low core 1.9rc1
#13360 Creating String.prototype.namespace can cause an exception in jQuery.Event gnarf bug low event 1.9.0

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#13041 Cannot select :focus element bug low selector 1.8.3
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