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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6043 jquery 1.4 with compact-1.3 have some issue about multi-selector bug undecided selector 1.4.1
#6064 .show doesn't work on IE8 bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6086 Multiple class names and the visible selector bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6115 Css width/height issue in Google Chrome bug undecided css 1.4.1
#6157 $(window).resize() bug elements on Webkit bug undecided event 1.4.1
#6165 Manually triggering mouseenter or mouseleave doesn't work if bound with live bug undecided event 1.4.1
#6456 Div border will affect the boxModel abgne.tw bug undecided core 1.3
#6459 jquery 1.4.2 and opera =< 10.10 ajax trouble bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#6937 WebKit Animation bug undecided effects 1.4.2
#5953 specialEasing in animate bug low effects 1.4.1
#6090 When element has anything within it with -webkit-column-count, slideDown() extends too long and then flickers back aaronshaf bug low effects 1.4.1
#6124 v1.4 :visible selector bug low selector 1.4.1
#6148 .change() even not firing when arrow keys used. bug low event 1.4.1
#6270 On Firefox 3.6, $(document).ready(...) doesn't get triggered after a back button bug low event 1.4.2
#4659 IE 7 bind listening bug with "change" event brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5892 IE change event does not fire on text input after setting value - works in jQuery 1.3.2, fails in 1.4.0 brandon bug minor event 1.4.1
#5932 not work change event at first time. brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5934 onChange event no fired in IE8 brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5952 quote within select value is not parsed correctly, IE specific bug major selector 1.4.1
#5976 die() fails to unbind listeners brandon bug minor event 1.3
#5980 Textbox "change" Event doesn't fire in 1.4.1 when text is changed 1st time. joern bug major event 1.4.1
#6001 Live() should work on each selector defined john bug minor event 1.4.1
#6018 document.body is null or not a object bug major event 1.3.2
#6019 (parent > child) selector not working correctly john bug minor selector 1.4.1
#6020 Change event not fired brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#6021 IE7 + ID selector + HTML5 = fail john bug major selector 1.4.1
#6026 .change() handler fired when clicking select box in IE brandon bug major event 1.4
#6027 onbeforeunload breaks events in Chrome 4 bug major unfiled 1.4.1
#6032 Attribute Values are not correctly set enhancement major unfiled 1.4.1
#6038 OnChange event problem with SELECT and IE bug major core 1.4.1
#6075 Bug in JSON response interpretation in ie6. bug ajax 1.4.1
#6091 Instead of merely sliding the target element, Slidedown shifts padding or margin of internal elements bug effects 1.4.1
#6100 jQuery doesn't trigger change event in ie6 for file inputs. bug event 1.4.1
#6126 .text() doesn't work in textNode bug manipulation 1.4.1
#6154 ready() sample code is unnecessarily complicated bug unfiled 1.4.1
#6280 IE8 : Non valid argument at line 4618 bug unfiled 1.4.2
#6474 strange behavior of has() and eq() bug selector 1.4.2
#6548 .attr() not setting "spellcheck" correctly to "false" bug attributes 1.4.2
#6574 HOVER BUG IN IE!!! bug event 1.4.2
#6653 element selector of v1.4.2 found extra (none-exist) elements in firefox v3.6.3 bug selector 1.4.2
#6668 Demos are broken bug unfiled 1.4.2
#6851 JSON-Error bug unfiled 1.4.2
#6914 addClass duplication bug in 1.4.2 bug manipulation 1.4.2
#6975 $(document).ready() is called a 2nd time after calling nextUntil in combination wrap bug event 1.4.2
#6985 Ajax: GET Request abort bug ajax 1.4.2
#7042 ajax get not working after confirm-box bug ajax 1.4.2

Resolution: cantfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6156 label[for] selector inconsistent on IE bug undecided selector 1.4.1

Resolution: fixed (49 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6152 parseJSON regex is redundant when native parsing is available. enhancement undecided misc 1.4.1
#4817 hasClass expands selector metacharacters bug low attributes 1.3.2
#4261 .click method - behavior varies across browsers brandon bug minor event 1.4.1
#5829 appendTo broken in IE6 bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5851 IE8 does not support the change event while using live brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5904 Injecting Flash with $.html fails in 1.4 in IE6 bug critical manipulation 1.4.1
#5917 replaceWith is not working as mentioned in the api doc bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5945 live namespaced events brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5959 Change event for Select element getting fired on click (occuring in 1.4.1) brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5962 Missing a "(" in the example bug minor unfiled 1.4.1
#5966 getJSON callback does not fire bug critical ajax 1.4.1
#5967 Unbind of namespaced 'change' event unbinds all 'change' events (IE only) brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5970 Change event isn't fired in IE on a text box when starting from a empty field. brandon bug major event 1.4.1
#5971 Make sure jQuery.data( elem ) always returns an object bug major data 1.4.1
#5972 Improve Performance of .bind() and .unbind() brandon enhancement major event 1.4.1
#5973 Add A Special Default Hook brandon feature major event 1.4.1
#5974 Bring the performance of empty/remove/cleanData down to the wire enhancement major manipulation 1.4.1
#5977 .html() will strip <style> tags in IE bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5978 Only Cache Fragments in Main Document bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5979 Skip inserting whole fragment, if possible enhancement major manipulation 1.4.1
#5984 $().ready() and $().bind('ready') behave differently bug trivial unfiled 1.4.1
#5986 regression: replaceWith treats text only node as selector john bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#5988 v1.4.1 removeClass is No Work! john bug major attributes 1.4.1
#6003 Remove the Need for setArray enhancement major core 1.4.1
#6005 Add delegate/undelegate functionality brandon feature major event 1.4.1
#6011 Numeric character references, eg, &#160; are inserted as plain text when text does not contain tags john bug major manipulation 1.4.1
#6012 .attr uncomatibility between 1.3.x and 1.4.x bug major attributes 1.4.1
#6013 hover event fires incorrectly over scrollbar of UL element in Firefox john bug major event 1.4.1
#6023 el.find('[readonly]') does not work john bug critical selector 1.4.1
#6031 parseJSON doesn't parse JSON with a leading newline in IE6 and IE7 john bug major core 1.4.1
#6041 Remove existing foo[] when traditional = false in param bug ajax 1.4.1
#6042 Make sure a boolean is returned from jQuery.contains bug core 1.4.1
#6048 Regression in .data() module caused by commit e7912805 bug data 1.4.1
#6049 github offline breaks development cicle bug build 1.4.1
#6050 jQuery 1.4.1 addClass white space issue john bug attributes 1.4.1
#6055 Calling trigger('blur') does not work if the handler is bound with the live() method bug event 1.4.1
#6056 jQuery 1.4 replaceWith() does not work with iFrame bug manipulation 1.4
#6059 Live don't work correctly on class selectors since 1.4 bug event 1.4.1
#6065 1.4.2 special events are slightly hosed! bug event 1.4.1
#6068 Elements removed from a jQuery object with .filter() are still inserted with .prependTo() and .appendTo() bug manipulation 1.4.1
#6077 Live mouseenter/mouseleave not working in 1.4.2pre bug event 1.4.1
#6084 1.4.2: events and removed elements bug event 1.4.1
#6094 Maintain parity of name between .text() and .getText() enhancement manipulation 1.4.1
#6107 Google AJAX CDN is loading "1.4.2" for "1.4" bug misc 1.4.1
#6155 API docs: Callback argument for Hide does not have a type bug misc 1.4.1
#6160 attr() not sets value correctly bug attributes 1.4.1
#6167 documentation: link to test suite outdated bug unfiled 1.4.1
#6444 jQuery.cleanData calls on null objects (causing script breakage) bug core 1.4.2
#6644 binding/unbinding function to beforeunload event bug unfiled 1.4.2

Resolution: wontfix (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6057 JQuery.getJSON malformed url bug undecided ajax 1.4.1
#6125 Unfiltered for loop breaks animation in IE when a script extends the Object prototype bug undecided effects 1.4.1
#6132 jQuery.each includes prototype functions enhancement undecided core 1.4.1
#6145 Extend does not copy property getters bug undecided core 1.4.1
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