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#4953 $().position() returns a null object in the latest release of IE8. bug undecided unfiled 1.3.2
#5510 IE7 and IE8 ignores remove() bug undecided core 1.3.2
#5741 $(element).html(val) SERIOUS BUG bug undecided ajax 1.4a2
#6616 jQuery $.post bug with square brackets. bug undecided ajax 1.4
#7048 AJAX not working if special character is present and html is over a certain size in Internet Explorer (1.4.x) bug undecided ajax 1.4.2
#4227 $.extend erratic behavior with objects that have a length property bug low core 1.3.2
#4304 failed test 64 (.text) on Chrome bug low core 1.3.2
#4668 new HTML5 input types not recognized by attr() enhancement low attributes 1.3.2
#4750 selector bug john bug low selector 1.3.2
#4797 Firefox crash with label click handler setting display: block and hiding container bug low event 1.3.2
#4852 jQuery's slideDown/toggle "snap" when they improperly guess the height of an element bug low effects 1.3.2
#5337 left/right/top/bottom css property can't be toggled in FF gminuses bug low effects 1.3.2
#5721 Webkit: Radio checked state incorrect when creating an input with a name bug low core 1.4a2
#5739 the code work in jquery1.3.2 , not work in jquery 1.4a2 about selector dongdongface bug low selector 1.4a2
#3732 Fix for css properties problem under IE bug major core 1.4a2
#3947 Selectors with "$" symbol john bug major selector 1.3.2
#3993 Framesets in Opera not working with jQuery 1.3 bug major selector 1.3.2
#4168 U+2028 or \u2028 chokes jQuery JSON parser bug major ajax 1.3.2
#4207 toggleClass does not read the state argument bug major core 1.3.2
#4212 if ( !jQuery.support.opacity && name == "opacity" ) // support object undifined bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4213 [validate] Allow for the ability to add groups joern enhancement minor plugin 1.3.2
#4228 class selector regression in xhtml in firefox john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4252 serialize() just can serialize the <form> area but not other div area bug major ajax 1.3.2
#4267 document.body is null in Firefox 3 bug minor core 1.3.2
#4278 $('img.i') $('#id tr') do not work in IE7 bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4282 Sizzle not cleaning up its element properties/attributes in IE john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4302 jQuery doesn't filter (and probably everything else) child selector properly john bug major selector 1.3.1
#4316 Safari 4 Fade Issues bug minor effects 1.3.2
#4346 Data missing after adding to two elements. bug major data 1.4a1
#4351 INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR Uncaught exception / Selector engine john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4354 Utilities/jQuery.support and ie6 feature minor support 1.3.2
#4355 Ajax.load ignores strings as data parameter for POST requests bug major ajax 1.3.2
#4356 <select> dropdowns behave abnormally after an alert() is produced by a script loaded with getScript() bug major ajax 1.3.2
#4372 ajax call needs two data sections enhancement minor ajax 1.3.2
#4373 first ajax request is sent multiple times bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4377 find('select') return option elements john bug major selector 1.4a1
#4396 the function css('height') returns "0px" in Opera brandon bug minor dimensions 1.3.2
#4402 Add mousewheel event brandon enhancement major event 1.3.2
#4412 hide and ie bug (height < 1px) bug major effects 1.3.2
#4416 $(window).height() does not work on Nokia 5800 bug major attributes 1.3.2
#4438 Attr bug. bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4440 fadeIn / fadeOut does not restore tr elements in IE 8 bug major effects 1.3.2
#4442 Cannot insert <object>...</object> in ie with the html() method. bug major core 1.3.2
#4453 Ajax issues on Safari 3 bug major ajax 1.3.2
#4463 element selector doesn't work on Mac Safari john bug major selector 1.3
#4467 :not() selector does not handle properly multiple classes (.class1.class2.class3) john bug major selector 1.4a1
#4469 Event: hover does not trigger properly when scroll bars are present bug major event 1.3.2
#4476 Jquery not support XML parse for IE bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4483 animate() on td doesn't work on IE8 bug major effects 1.3.2
#4496 the newest jquery function "fadeTo" not will sp firefox brandon bug major event 1.3.2
#4505 $(myDiv).find('h2,p') fails on Chrome and Safari since jQuery 1.3.2 bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4543 Double handling 'focus' and 'blur' on input in IE 6.0 brandon bug critical event 1.3.2
#4557 Safari/Chrome issues with animations bug major effects 1.3.2
#4570 Problem with slideUp() in FireFox 3 bug minor unfiled 1.3.2
#4571 IE throws error when trying to set negative value to CSS padding property bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4579 browser detection is used for more than feature detection feature minor unfiled 1.3.2
#4586 jQuery causing table borders to dissapear in FF3 bug minor core 1.3.2
#4592 Invalid element by specified index bug major core 1.3.2
#4594 tbody toggle() fails in IE7 if it contains more than one tr john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4603 selector :last has incorrect behaviour on google chrome bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4632 jQuery.support.opacity for Chrome as well bug major support 1.3.2
#4642 slideDown shows extra pixel for a short amount of time bug major effects 1.3.2
#4643 clone(true) bug with multiple nested elements bug major manipulation 1.3.2
#4674 $.browser.version detect IE8 like 6.0 bug critical core 1.3.2
#4683 Callback for getScript is called too early in Safari and Opera bug major ajax 1.3.2
#4685 Jumpy toggle() in Webkit when used on a div inside a table bug major effects 1.3.2
#4687 Incorrect $(window).width() in Firefox brandon bug major dimensions 1.3.2
#4697 Getting flashvars param not works in 1.3. but works in 1.2 magicstream bug major selector 1.3.2
#4700 Tests #25 and #26 fail in jQuery test suite, in Opera 9.64 (Mac) bug minor core 1.3.2
#4702 The val() method on a select element works incorrectly in IE bug minor core 1.3.2
#4704 IE selector problem john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4728 Internet Explorer not re-rendering on some ajax callbacks bug minor ajax 1.3.2
#4733 makeArray sometimes breaks on DOM Elements flesler bug major core 1.3.2
#4747 unicode garbage bug trivial core 1.3.2
#4748 selector strangeness john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4755 Unable to match HTML nodes with $(n1).find("*").is(n2) sigr0005 bug major selector 1.3.2
#4756 $.ajax() needs a field for opaque data feature major ajax 1.3.2
#4774 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element 'selected' john bug minor selector 1.3.2
#4798 Selecting descendants of something:last yields duplicates john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4806 Node creation using $(html) breaks in IE when tag string is unclosed and attrs are used bug major core 1.3.2
#4823 Error: Done, but with errors bug minor unfiled 1.3.2
#4844 jQuery get textarea text bug major build 1.3.2
#4859 event.keydown feature minor event 1.3.2
#4863 :contains doesn't work with class selectors in IE john bug major selector 1.3.2
#4867 binding "click" event to html()'ed content element causes spurious events brandon bug major event 1.3.2
#4869 ie & Firefox: setting a div's width to its own current width will cause text content to wrap bug major core 1.3.2
#4871 :last selector problem john bug minor selector 1.3.2
#4874 serializeArray ignores input[type=image|submit] bug minor core 1.3.2
#4893 jQuery test suite fails in Opera bug major core 1.3.2
#4909 $('<input />') is no longer :visible john bug minor selector 1.3.2
#4913 Safari multiple class select fail on disconnected elements bug major selector 1.3.2
#4916 Attribute filter [attribute^=value] working fine in IE8 but not FF3.5 bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#4939 Using the not() filter negates the live() method brandon bug major event 1.3.2
#4974 Hover state using depricated method on select objects brandon bug major event 1.3.2
#4981 1.3.3 nightly "html" script execution problems bug major core 1.3.2
#4994 new ajax 'target' option upon which ajaxEvents are triggered, when specified flesler feature major ajax 1.3.2
#5000 Add Join Object to Core feature major core 1.3.2
#5003 IE7 selector bug when selecting several nodes by ID bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#5004 not possible to change option of validate more than on time bug major unfiled 1.3.2
#5006 $('iframe').attr('src') != $('iframe')[0].src bug major selector 1.3.2
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