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#167 attr('checked', true) doesn't work closed attr, checked bug undecided
#1414 .submit() can fail if something has id="submit" closed expando attr john bug undecided
#6320 attribute selector does not work in IE8 on onmouse* closed attribute bug undecided
#6338 attr under chrome browser fails on 'required' attribute closed attr chrome mac win feature undecided
#6379 Unable to use the attibute selector with a numeric attribute closed attribute selector numeric bug undecided
#6715 ie7 won't select [disabled='disabled'] closed selector,attribute bug undecided
#6776 .attr issue with readonly and disable closed attributes, css, selectors enhancement undecided
#6826 $('input[value=...]') doesn't work correctly in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari closed value attribute selector bug undecided
#6948 div[name='divName'] in IE7 does not select closed div, name attribute bug undecided
#7107 calling $(this).attr('children') returns blank list closed 'children' attribute bug undecided
#7125 Source attribute in ie7 closed attr, src bug undecided
#5930 $('[selected]') Has Attribute Selector failing in IE8 closed ie8 queryselectorall qsa sizzle attribute boolean john bug blocker
#7270 .find works wrong when searching by value attribute closed find attribute selector value regression bug blocker
#7500 attr() fails for non DOM element nodes closed regression attr non DOM element jitter bug blocker
#10429 IE7 - invalid procedure call or argument when calling removeAttr('contenteditable'); closed removeAttr timmywil bug blocker
#3116 .attr does not work with SVG IDLs closed .attr SVG read-only timmywil bug high
#3729 Attribute selector with an class seperator(':') in it, fails. closed attribute selector class jitter bug high
#3786 removeAttr should use jQuery.props closed attrhooks aflesler bug high
#4802 $(elem).attr('selected','selected') in Chrome don't work closed chrome selected attr bug high
#5706 .attr() fails with TypeError when used on foreign elements, such as SVG closed attr attribute TypeError foreign svg getAttribute setAttribute bug high
#6004 Attribute equals selector doesn't work in IE8 with empty value attribute closed Attribute Equals Selector, IE8 bug high
#3113 unexpected attr behavior on form with input element named 'action' closed attr flesler bug low
#4417 problem with attribute name when clone in IE7 closed clone attribute bug low
#4841 $("div[cmsID]") where "cmsID" is expando dont work in Firefox 3.5 closed firefox 3.5 expando attribute john bug low
#5301 Unexpected selector precedence of attribute filter closed precedence attribute john bug low
#5400 attr(name), property of an object with dash/hyphen in name returns undefined closed attr dash hyphen john bug low
#5546 find does not work with two sets of brackets in attribute selector closed find bracket brackets attribute selector john bug low
#5864 .attr with iframe doesn't work correctly in IE and Opera closed iframe attr bug low
#6385 getOrSet('value', undefined) should be interpreted as an attempt to set the value, rather than get it. closed attributes value bug low
#6392 $('DIV#myId').attr('for') - im can't read value of "for" attribute, if i'm rename this attribute, all is work closed attr enhancement low
#6699 Selector context issue on $("tag[attrname=value]", ctxnode) closed selector, context, attribute bug low
#6743 map enctype to encoding, depending on browser closed attr enctype encoding timmywil bug low
#6884 XML introspection confused when SVG embedded in <script> tag closed xml svg attr setAttribute bug low
#7295 Quoteless attribute selectors on href in Firefox 3.6 fail to select closed quoteless attribute selectors bug low
#7517 Uncaughted exception when call attr('tagName') closed tagName exception attr bug low
#9570 Selector $('form[name=".."]') returns zero elements in IE8 under some conditions closed sizzle attributes timmywil bug low
#120 .attr() not working in Internet Explorer closed attr bug major
#194 Fix for attribute *=, ^=, and $= in cases where special attributes. closed attribute bug major
#745 Attribute Begins With (a[@href ^= 'http://www']) fails in IE closed attribute bug major
#820 .attr(String, Function(i){}) could use the index closed attr bug minor
#831 In IE (6 & 7) attr("href", "bla") on an anchor element results in adjustment of the anchor's HTML body as well closed attr anchor href html explorer bug major
#885 IE 6, attr('href') on anchor return complete URL closed IE, attr, href, anchor bug major
#1170 attr("style","...") doesn't work in IE7 closed ie7 attr style john bug minor
#1240 XUL and .val(...), .attr('value', ...)... closed xul attr value bug minor
#1243 IE doesn't work with $('a[@text=sometext]').click() closed click, attribute, attr, selector, event bug trivial
#1273 Problem with IE7, attr and opacity closed attr opacity bug major
#1364 Bring Back jQuery.expr["@"] closed attribute selectors custom john enhancement major
#1469 .attr("maxlength") broken for textarea closed textarea attr maxlength bug minor
#1474 setting selectedIndex doesn't update dropdown position closed form dropdown selectedIndex attr bug minor
#1570 Escaped quotes not escaped in html attributes closed escaping quotes attribute parsing bug major
#1844 uncaught exception: type property can't be changed (input attribute) closed attr, input, exception, type property, attribute bug major
#1882 .attr('height','250px') causing exception being thrown in IE6 closed attr bug minor
#2099 IE: $('#someform').attr('id') returns sub element instead of attribute closed attr ie form bug major
#2170 attr() fails to get/set value for maxlength attribute on textarea elements closed attr bug minor
#2401 removeAttr does not working in IE6 closed attr, removeAttr bug minor
#2459 [value=something] seems to don't work closed selector value attribute bug major
#2548 .attr() proposal closed attr enhancement major
#2702 Wrap manipulation resets state of radiobutton in IE closed wrap attributes bug major
#2703 Wrap manipulation resets state of radiobutton in IE closed wrap attributes bug major
#2736 Attribute case sensitivity error closed Attribute Case attr bug minor
#2747 IE7 "repairs" value of href atrribute by adding "http://..." closed attr href IE7 bug major
#2770 Can't change attr type to 'search' in Safari 3 closed attribute attr safari search bug major
#2913 function attr() was Ineffective in opera closed attr bug major
#2979 removeAttr on IE7 need a click over the element need 2 steps closed IE7 removeAttr disabled bug major
#3023 [@attribute] selector breaks on attributes with namespaces closed namespace attribute flesler enhancement major
#3056 bug in attr closed attr bug major
#3058 $.attr() improvement ? closed attr removeAttr enhancement minor
#3093 Attribute selector doesn't work right with style closed attribute selector style bug major
#3152 attr(name, value) does not escape values closed attributes, attr, escape enhancement major
#3194 Possible optimization for the selector module closed attr flesler enhancement minor
#3245 Can not select a form using the action attribute closed selector form action attribute flesler bug minor
#3278 filter: Invalid procedure call or argument from IE7 when querying on attributes containing a colon (XML namespacing) closed IE7 filter colon attribute xhtml namespace DispHTMLTable bug major
#3418 why can't fields in table disabled? closed attr flesler bug major
#3649 Can't set tabindex using attr() in IE - patch supplied closed tabindex attr flesler bug minor
#3806 attr() wont't change forms action attribute if form has input with id 'action' present closed attr form action bug minor
#3917 input maxLength property/attribute is not consistent closed attr input maxLength bug minor
#3922 Attribute Selectors Don't Work E[@attr=value] closed selector attribute bug major
#3954 Attribute selector in IE (at least) closed attributeEquals bug major
#3958 $('.someclass[initialized!=1]') fails in 1.3; works in 1.2 closed non-existing attribute selection fails bug major
#3991 Selector [attribute=""] doesn't work closed attribute john bug major
#4068 Attribute filtering does not work for style attribute closed selector attribute filter john bug major
#4131 Can't check for non-blank attributes closed attribute notEqual attributeNotEqual blank john bug major
#4160 Value Attribute (as meta-data) Only works with numbers closed value attribute bug trivial
#4281 Can't overwrite onclick attr closed onclick attribute attr bug minor
#4283 .attr('checked') & XHTML 1.1 Strict closed attr checked xhtml firefox timmywil bug major
#4324 No hasAttribute method. closed attributes feature trivial
#4362 jQuery.val() doesn't work as expected in Konqueror closed attributes, val(), value, konqueror bug minor
#4389 $().removeAttr('maxlength') set maxlength to 0 in IE7 closed removeAttr maxlength bug minor
#4397 jQuery.props should have mapping for "colspan" -> "colSpan" closed attributes, colspan, IE brandon bug minor
#4437 Bug with IE6: removing a selected attribute raise an error closed ie6, removeattr bug minor
#4438 Attr bug. closed attr bug bug major
#4472 impossible to change "onclick" attribute more than once closed attr, onclick bug major
#4561 IE seems to be case sensitive, please either document or enhance jQuery.attr() closed attr area map ie ie7 browser_dependent enhancement major
#4670 Set numeric value to "value" attribute on "li" element crash IE 7 closed attr value li crash bug major
#4691 $('<input />').attr('name', 'name') [IE bug] closed input hidden IE8 IE7 attr bug major
#4844 jQuery get textarea text closed Attributes : val() bug major
#4873 Empty Anchor Attribute Selector closed anchor empty attribute john bug major
#4885 .value('hello') fails when .attr('value', 'hello') works... closed attr value bug major
#4916 Attribute filter [attribute^=value] working fine in IE8 but not FF3.5 closed Firefox attribute filter bug major
#4991 attr function breaks on .css call closed attr css name.replace bug major
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