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#12227 $.extend(true, ....) won't work on sources that contain circular references. dmethvin bug low core 1.8rc1
#14341 Remove context and selector properties dmethvin bug low core 2.0.3
#10487 About attr [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10262 Empty attributes gives undefined! doctor Rudolf bug low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#14906 .css() tries to call camelCase on undefined in version 1.11.0 dotnetCarpenter bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0
#12659 scrollLeft() doesn't work in Android browser [email protected] bug low offset 1.8.2
#10506 .show vibrating [email protected] bug low effects 1.6.4
#12862 Event propagation halted when synchrounous ajax call happens within an event drew.waddell bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#11587 slide functionality with chrome [email protected] bug low misc 1.7.1
#14316 Deserialization invalid HTML issue inside the "buildFragment" [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#12136 Double script inclusion warning [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#12006 Please Help! [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11389 if the css defind in <head></head> the border color does not work duhongyu216 bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#12662 Bug in the function matcherFromTokens [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#11422 OUTERWIDTH / HEIGHT, INNERWIDTH / HEIGHT - RETURN INCORRECT VALUE [email protected] bug low dimensions 1.7.1
#12178 Crash on IE8 in data.js' removeData function dwilks bug low effects 1.7.2
#10370 a.parentNode is null [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10594 scrollTop on WebOS [email protected] bug low manipulation 1.6.4
#12300 $(window).height() and .width() incorrect in IE6 and IE7 ebradsha bug low dimensions 1.8.0
#9929 errors not reported from pages loaded by .load() [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.6.2
#10065 .find() function error when i use css :before [email protected] bug low selector 1.6.2
#12857 Date Input doesn't work with val() [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#10298 appendChild not working in IE ej bug low misc 1.6.4rc1
#12232 outerWidth doesn't work properly in 1.8 [email protected] bug high css 1.8.0
#11489 $.post() requires a value back [email protected] bug low ajax 1.7.1
#13450 "no element found" in Firefox when $.post reply has no Content-Type [email protected] bug low ajax 1.9.0
#12686 Live change event is not fired on IE8 when input is focused elgreg bug high event 1.8.2
#12745 Changes to "this" within jQuery.each() are not persisted after iterating a plain JS object elgreg bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#11919 IE: jQuery .css() returns value in pixels instead of unit of measure provided by stylesheet elwayman02 bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#13453 :visible for input type=hidden behaves differently in different browsers [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#10537 jQuery.html(...) doesn't check for invalid characters error454 bug low core 1.6.4
#10532 JavaScript warnings for jQuery (seen in FireBug) [email protected] enhancement undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#14013 jQuery doesn't remember the fact of existence of the window properties $ and jQuery what leads to an issue in some cases after noConflict call [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.1
#11888 checkbox remove "checked" dont work in chrome 20 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#12824 Ajax fires abort onunload event, even when using XMLHTTP (IE only) [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.8.2
#11023 Ajax calls to # fail in IE [email protected] bug low ajax 1.7.1
#10824 jQuery.ajax ($.ajax) and its memory leaking fabbios bug low ajax 1.4.2
#9862 SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'jQuery16204451603029721649': object is null or undefined [email protected] bug low misc 1.6.2
#12802 Attribute Ends With Selector not working latest version of jquery [email protected] bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#11137 Jquery doesn't parse a rare selector correctly fam.lam bug low selector 1.7.1
#12471 inconsistent "Download" links fastfasterfastest bug high web 1.8.0
#14483 the promise of a promise is not the promise fastfasterfastest bug low deferred 1.10.2
#10239 div (and other non-input elements?) .val no work. suckage. [email protected] feature low attributes 1.6.3
#13236 Ajax throw error in console when site does not exist in Chrome [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.0
#11305 ie select change [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#11330 element creation bug in IE8 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#11722 eq() [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#12993 jquery, on, event target fingerpasser bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#11607 $.ajax success event not working [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#15068 Step option, is not fired in toggle method fled bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0
#13795 .slideToggle() on .contents() throws error [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#11645 Using xhrFields breaks ajax in IE 6 flowersinthesand bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11477 A resolved/rejected $.Deferred does not trigger new handlers when attached in IE8 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#12545 .on() not working with selector path starting at selected element on v1.8.1 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.1
#12258 Trying to use jQuery with Windows 8 applications can lead to security exception [email protected] enhancement undecided unfiled 1.4.4
#12718 matcherFromTokens, error type cannot be called from undefined [email protected] bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#14709 $(window).is(":visible") incorrectly returns false [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#12894 show() on inline-block <span> [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#14498 Version 1.9.1 messes with some CSS animations [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#13380 problem of attr [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#10331 resolveWith error [email protected] enhancement low deferred 1.6.4
#11009 jQuery not considering current box model when returning current width of element. [email protected] bug low dimensions 1.7.1
#11536 bug on mouseenter, pls help :-) gabygaby bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#14124 JQuery 1.10.1 .animate() bug [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.1
#9953 incorrect calculation of 'left' in IE9 [email protected] bug low offset 1.6.2
#14077 jQuery doesn't calculate correct width and height v1.9.0 (correct) vs 1.10.1 (incorrect) IE9 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.1
#11901 JQuery opacity test is not exhaustive according to spec gary-1111 bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#13209 IE8: event.which for a left mouse click is 0, should be 1 gavinwahl bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#13783 new Date() [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#10146 a bug in IE of "fireEvent" gcaufy bug low event 1.6.2
#9926 set value to select element [email protected] bug low manipulation 1.6.2
#10529 iOS 5 report error when $.ajax triggered [email protected] bug low ajax 1.4.4
#10680 focus() in jquery1.7 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7
#10421 add jQuery.support() option for hidden fields receiving click from label [email protected] enhancement low support 1.7b1
#11747 Incorrete rowspan after Clone() in Explorer [email protected] bug low misc 1.7.2
#10867 jQuery.extend replaces the target object when deep extend is explicitly false gibson042 enhancement low core 1.7.1
#11128 Stack operations for the jQuery chain gibson042 feature low unfiled 1.7.1
#11483 "current" context for add gibson042 enhancement undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#12087 find selector doesn't work any more with an expando containing a coma gibson042 bug low selector 1.8b2
#12606 window.watch() called as pattern gibson042 bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#12671 Infinite loop on IE8 with pretty basic selector gibson042 bug low misc 1.8.2
#12672 last selector (:last) with next sibling selector (~) does not work with .children() gibson042 bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#12920 Remove addMandatoryAttributes gibson042 feature undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#13677 jQuery objects assume their constructor is always jQuery, which breaks prototypical inheritance from jQuery gibson042 bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#13807 jquery2.0.0 Firefox issue gibson042 bug low selector 2.0.0
#14359 triggering focus event with namespace runs all focus listeners gibson042 bug low event 1.10.2
#14579 Inconsistent parsing of unquoted trailing spaces in attribute selector. gibson042 bug low selector 1.11.0-beta2
#14657 chained :visible selector aborts after the first row on a table with a given context gibson042 bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14793 Attribute selector parsing is too liberal gibson042 bug high selector 2.0.2
#14848 on at least some form elements .hide(0) acts as a toggle instead of simply hiding gibson042 bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0
#13904 "on" events leak memory in the checkContext variable [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#10821 JQuery.event.add can add handlers for the same event multiple times [email protected] bug undecided event 1.6.4
#10626 jquery [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#12559 .position() and .offset() fail within overflow-scrolled elements [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#13337 ajaxError() called by success code 200 !?!? [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.9.0
#10235 Timers deletion race condition causes animations to stop gnarf bug low effects 1.6.3
#11982 JQuery animate() issue when another animate is called from within the step function. gnarf bug low effects 1.7.2
#12213 Add hook to cleanData to allow cleanup gnarf feature low manipulation 1.8rc1
#12397 Allow passing a function to .data() as an each style setter. gnarf feature low data 1.8.0
#12399 Fade fails if target does have css3 transition properties gnarf bug low effects 1.8.0
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