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#10130 Blackberry Bold 9700 awarraic bug low core 1.6.2
#10155 $.unique maintain order feature low core 1.6.2
#10158 Extend only existing properties feature low core 1.6.2
#10219 jQuery.ParseXML - Unable to retrieve element text bug low core 1.6.3
#10223 Unstable 1.6.2 (dynamic load jquery) [email protected] bug undecided core 1.6.3
#10273 jQuery.now, more short feature low core 1.6.4rc1
#10279 Invalid formal parameters anonymous bug low core 1.6.4rc1
#10328 Page load takes 1.5 sec for a small data--jQuery performace devendra singh bug undecided core 1.4.4
#10336 parseJSON validation is inaccurate bug low core 1.6.4
#10354 Variables not working in ... anonymous bug low core 1.6.2
#10361 ParseJSON is Not A Function in Jquery 1.6.4.min.js anonymou bug undecided core 1.6.4
#10390 Object does not support property or method getAttributeNode [email protected] bug low core 1.6.4
#10424 Add .toArray() method enhancement low core 1.6.4
#10435 jQuery.merge refactor enhancement low core 1.7b1
#10443 serialize HTML5 form-associated elements mindplay feature low core 1.6.4
#10458 jQuery.isPlainObject() always returns false when Object.prototype has a properties bug low core 1.6.4
#10474 double forward slashes commemting out the rest of the script anonymous bug low core 1.6.4
#10537 jQuery.html(...) doesn't check for invalid characters error454 bug low core 1.6.4
#10545 Don't expose jQuery to `window` with AMD bug high core 1.7b2
#10572 custom filters don't work in $.sub() Rick Waldron bug low core 1.6.4
#10577 1.6.4 Doesn't won't allow a plugin using 1.2.6 to work bug low core 1.7b2
#10579 jquery tag on asp.net server tag in ie7 only [email protected] bug low core 1.6.4
#10581 JQuery change String.prototype.split in IE < 9 (add trim) [email protected] bug low core 1.7b2
#10588 TODO for 1.6 in source code dmethvin bug low core 1.7b2
#10601 nitpicks Rick Waldron bug low core 1.7b2
#10746 jQuery1.7 load issue as an AMD module bug low core 1.7
#10751 sub() function is not available on jQuery selection bug low core 1.7
#10810 $.parseJSON("null") Causes Stack Overflow With Internet Explorer 6 - 7 phistuck bug undecided core 1.7
#10815 $.browser.mozilla bug low core 1.7
#10831 inArray is broken on IE7 and 8 at least when called with just 2 params [email protected] bug undecided core 1.7.1rc1
#10867 jQuery.extend replaces the target object when deep extend is explicitly false gibson042 enhancement low core 1.7.1
#10891 object not support "toLowerCase" property or method [email protected] bug low core 1.7.1
#10908 makeArray it's duplicate entries! bug low core 1.7.1
#10936 Normalise setTimeout(fn, 0) and setTimeout(fn, 1) bug low core 1.7.1
#10954 The function parameter to jQuery.grep should be optional enhancement low core 1.7.1
#10976 ie7/8 seem to have problems with a[href="#"] bug low core 1.7.1
#11034 Reverse behavior of $.each() for objects in Chrome, Opera [email protected] bug low core 1.7.1
#11183 jQuery is not working in Chrome 18 (dev) extensions bug low core 1.7.1
#11219 jquery hangs in $.param when passed a jquery object bug low core 1.7.1
#11228 Type for Select element return Undefined bug low core 1.7.1
#11278 $.each: no usable message/notice/exception for undefined first argument enhancement low core 1.7.1
#11508 $.fn.is() could be enhanced to check existence. enhancement low core 1.7.2
#11627 provide an option to disallow the $ function from creating elements bug low core 1.7.2
#11637 HTML5 video related event problem when the core is not included in the document head bug low core 1.7.2
#12180 loose markup parsing incorrect bug low core 1.7.2
#12227 $.extend(true, ....) won't work on sources that contain circular references. dmethvin bug low core 1.8rc1
#12387 Regression document ready [email protected] bug high core 1.8.0
#12460 weird behavior on $.makeArray bug low core 1.8.0
#12515 $.isPlainObject() should return false when obj.constructor === undefined anonymous bug low core 1.8.0
#12531 elem[attr] selector Rick Waldron bug high core 1.7.1
#12666 $.parseJSON fails for valid json string if it has newlines bug undecided core 1.8.0
#12708 properties hash ignored when attributes included in html bug low core 1.8.2
#12851 Create a low-level "single-element API" feature low core 1.8.2
#13193 document.ready not firing on Firefox, Opera with XSLT and XML mccaskey bug low core 1.9.1
#13291 Optimize jQuery.type() for 2.0 feature low core git
#13429 jQuery(html) won't work if html start with a new line bug undecided core 1.9.1
#13478 IE 8 element with attribute creation failure 1.8.3 and 1.9.1 bug undecided core 1.9.1
#13566 v2.0.0b2 is not compatible for earlier versions on Node Rick Waldron bug low core 2.0b2
#14001 Easy context switching (temporarily load in an iFrame) feature low core 1.10.1
#14325 Add unit tests for jquery.grep ameyms bug low core 2.0.3
#14333 Use the native Array.filter method in jQuery.grep (jQuery 2.x) bug low core 2.0.3
#14341 Remove context and selector properties dmethvin bug low core 2.0.3
#14481 jQuery .trigger(event,args) barfs on {length:0} as handler argument bug low core 2.0.3
#14497 index passed as first argument to iterator in each bug undecided core 2.0.3
#14507 Port .uniqueId() and .removeUniqueId() from jQuery UI feature low core 1.10.2
#14612 Broken slice() interface bug undecided core 1.10.2
#14613 Extended objects share single array bug undecided core 1.10.2
#15088 SCRIPT70: Access denied IN IE9/10/11 WHEN set new location suorce on IFRAME ELEMENT Frank bug high core 1.11.1
#15212 submit function out of document ready is called first, irrespective of the order (line number on page) bug high core 1.11.1
#15225 isWindow doesn't recognize wrapped window elements bug low core 1.11.1
#9628 width(), height(), etc. shouldn't round mikesherov bug low css 1.6.1
#9826 .css(prop, undefined) should return self for chaining bug low css 1.6.2
#9860 jQuery.css() does not return all details for multiple backgrounds in Safari 5 (OS-X) bug low css 1.6.2
#9861 Problem with ASP.Net-CheckBox-Control and CSS-Class anonymous bug low css 1.6.2
#9866 Unable to get height on DIV tag that has begun fading in... [email protected] bug undecided css 1.6.2
#9874 $('selector').css('background-color') returning different values depending on the browser bug low css 1.6.2
#9880 .css('background-position') returns inaccurate values in Chrome bug low css 1.6.2
#9928 css selector reports wrong value for width [email protected] bug low css 1.6.2
#10043 Retrieving border doesn't work for left, right or bottom [email protected] bug low css 1.6.2
#10229 Relative value syntax (for .css() and .animate()) should support more mathematical operations enhancement low css 1.6.3
#10254 css("background-image") returns null for new elements in IE7/8 bug low css 1.6.3
#10259 Animate() issue with += on border-width bug low css 1.6.3
#10269 css() ignores certain properties on Firefox bug undecided css 1.6.4rc1
#10339 Creating Gradient Background doesn't work in IE. bug low css 1.6.4
#10363 IE7 reports TBODY as invisible unless it has content [email protected] bug high css 1.6.4
#10387 .css('display') returns wrong value anonymous bug undecided css 1.7b1
#10392 Visibility set to "hidden" when position set to absolute [email protected] bug low css 1.6.4
#10403 elem.ownerDocument.defaultView throws an "Undefined" Error [email protected] bug low css 1.6.4
#10409 IE 8 Differs from other browsers with .height() bug low css 1.6.4
#10595 Selectbox width() and css('width') discrepancies bug low css 1.6.4
#10689 images not in dom report 0 width/height bug low css 1.7
#10739 CSS get for zoom style does not work in IE7, IE8, inconsistent IE9 bug low css 1.6.4
#10744 css background change doesn't work properly [email protected] bug low css 1.7
#10786 Width is inconsistant with node isn't in the document bug low css 1.7
#10923 backgroundPosition retrieval causes error in IE8 on DOM object created in memory bug low css 1.7.1
#10993 Css borders width not working on IE9 bug low css 1.6.4
#11020 Bug with CSS in Firefox [email protected] bug low css 1.7.1
#11063 .css('background-image') method is not fully normalized across webkit vs ff. bug low css 1.7.1
#11121 jQuery(selector).css("clip") returns "undefined" in IE8 a440guy bug low css 1.7.1
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