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#9978 IE7 ReadOnly Attribute Not Being Removed bug undecided unfiled 1.6.2
#12823 IE7 Iframe content style selector not working (ref: ticket 12586) bug undecided selector 1.8.2
#12431 IE7 : slideToggle - Images do not appear (in slideDown) - with parent 'relative' bug low effects 1.8.1
#11282 IE7 : Multiple same ID selector only select the first one bug low selector 1.7.1
#10737 IE7 / 8 - Fixed Position Test Issue hgblevins <[email protected]…> bug high support 1.7
#14014 IE7 'getAttribute' error [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.1
#11928 IE6/IE7 security warning when using $.get() to add HTML content with inline CSS background img rules bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#9976 IE6/7 : styling problem with jquery ui button bug low misc 1.6.2
#12743 IE6 - events causes memory leak Drawk bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#14655 IE11 crashes on ajax call bug undecided unfiled 2.0.3
#14133 IE11 Tabs broken bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14922 IE11 - Incorrect css('height') of box-sized element if parent is hidden bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0
#14819 IE10/IE11 not reporting padding with percentage on table-cell bug undecided css 1.11.0
#14144 IE10 Textarea's placeholder attribute gets returned for ".html()" bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#13881 IE10 SCRIPT5022: Caught exception occurred : SyntaxError bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#9878 IE needs catch() before finally jaubourg bug high ajax 1.6.1
#11861 IE html5 Elements are not "activated" when you convert them to a jquery object first anonymous bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11978 IE hangs for jqXHR bug undecided unfiled 1.3.2
#11159 IE gets different width() and outerWidth() values to FF, Chrome and Safari anonymous bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#11340 IE does not understand LEGEND tags SineSwiper bug low manipulation 1.7.1
#15184 IE alt Keyup event not being recognized crazedmeph bug undecided event 1.11.1
#10674 IE Crashes when trying use $("title").text(); bug undecided unfiled 1.7
#14255 IE Bug when moving Dialog bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#13929 IE 9 DatePicker bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#14363 IE 9 Compatibility problem bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#11633 IE 8 throws internal error on presenting disabled textarea in fancybox [email protected] bug low misc 1.7.1
#10228 IE 8 is broken [email protected] bug low misc 1.6.2
#12855 IE 8 freezing with .toggle("slow") [email protected] bug undecided effects 1.8.2
#13478 IE 8 element with attribute creation failure 1.8.3 and 1.9.1 bug undecided core 1.9.1
#10409 IE 8 Differs from other browsers with .height() bug low css 1.6.4
#10030 IE 7 only - jQuery core "finally {" [email protected] bug low deferred 1.6.2
#12938 IE 7 bug in find() method anonymous bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#14353 IE 7 and IE8 do not support the placeholder. feature undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14903 IE 11 fullscreen inside iframe needs workaround bug low dimensions 2.1.0
#15250 IE 11 Compatibility Mode - Aria attributes and "Member not found" bug undecided unfiled 1.11.1
#12151 IE 10 jQuery.parseXML mattBate bug undecided unfiled 1.8b2
#14099 IE 10 and jquery mobile...fix for input submit? bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#12319 IE - input tag in iframe has problem with focus bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#12494 IDE shows error bug undecided unfiled 1.8.1
#14153 ID selector with escaped characters returns two items in IE8, 1 in other browsers bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#11628 ID selector not working immediately after append [email protected] bug low misc 1.4.2
#14532 ID selector fail with ':' in the id bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#10969 I using dataFilter in $.ajax() function and success function handler get data == null Rex Pan bug low ajax 1.7.1
#13477 I think the example output in this is wrong. bug undecided unfiled git
#13489 I have made a menu with several link items when we hover them a image along with those links changes with a small fade in fade out effect. It works fine but when i move my mouse rapidly over all these links then mouse follow all events one by one and starts bubbling with fading effect multiple times. What should i do? My code is something like this following.. bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#12305 I got a type mismatch error in IE7 anonymous bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#13513 I found bugs in your code bug undecided unfiled git
#11619 I cannot get valid height on Firefox, bug? cyross _at_ po.twin.ne.jp bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11825 I can't select option tag in IE [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#10122 I am having a download problem. The digital signature seems to be invalid bug low misc 1.6.2
#14635 Html Component Events with typeof undefined in IE11 bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14185 How to use Jquery Files over HTTPS bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#9995 How to send FormData objects with Ajax-requests? feature low ajax 1.6.2
#11818 How to remove address bar in ipad touch bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11661 How to clear selected in jquery datpicker? bug low misc 1.7.2
#13870 How next() works bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#10323 How Can we handle DataType of an AJAX Call ($.ajax()) bug low ajax 1.5.2
#10619 Hover function repeats on mouseleave bug low event 1.4
#13432 Home page fix spelling bug undecided unfiled git
#10663 Highcharts line chart does not work with jQuery 1.7 bug undecided unfiled 1.7
#10658 Highcharts - column chart fails with 1.7 code base bug undecided unfiled
#13009 Hi ticker error bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#13443 Height of window reported incorrectly bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#14285 Height and Width Column Problems in JqGrid in chrome version 21 ...Working Perfectly on IE bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#12238 Having multiple :not(:has()) selectors throws a syntax error. bug low selector 1.8.0
#12554 Have to use attr('data-id') instead of data('id') bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#14378 Have $.noop return a resolved promise feature undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#12932 Has Attribute Selector broken bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#10172 Harmonizing the "keypress" event between browsers bug low event 1.6.2
#10860 HTTPS bug bug low ajax 1.7
#10257 HTTP PUT and DELETE methods shorthand functions enhancement low ajax 1.6.3
#11637 HTML5 video related event problem when the core is not included in the document head bug low core 1.7.2
#14700 HTML5 style prevents jQuery animation bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14913 HTML1701 errors on loading jQuery in a Windows Store application bug undecided unfiled 2.1.0
#10801 HTML-comments within script-Blocks executede with $.html fails in IE - Error 80020101 bug low ajax 1.6.4
#13055 HTML to Canvas bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#10518 HTML comments break when() then() [email protected] bug low ajax 1.6.4
#12538 HTML String instances not handled as string bug low selector 1.8.1
#15238 HTML Background fading [email protected] bug low effects 2.1.1
#12011 HEAD only response caused JQUERY parser fail bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#14051 Grep possible error bug undecided unfiled 1.6.3
#10681 Got a wrong result with animate({width:'90%'},600) bug undecided unfiled 1.7
#13359 Google Chrome vs .remove bug undecided unfiled git
#9813 Google Chrome line-height CSS Bug bug low misc 1.6.1
#10455 Global object created but not cleaned up in all IE browsers when aborting AJAX requests bug low ajax 1.6.4
#15142 Global .ajaxError() bug with http code 301 bug low ajax 2.1.1
#12728 Getting javascript error in IE8 version bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#13300 Getting error with jquery bug undecided unfiled git
#10302 Getting error anonymous bug low ajax 1.6.4rc1
#10422 Getting current selected option element from select bug undecided unfiled 1.6.1
#14976 Getting Access is denied issue in IE9 bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#14984 Getting 'length' is null or not an object While page loading bug undecided unfiled 1.4.4
#10116 Get the selected value of matched select in IE6 bug undecided unfiled 1.6.2
#13565 Get CSS margin/padding property doesn't work in Firefox v19.0 bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#9910 Generally document behavior of setters when passed function returns undefined enhancement low attributes 1.6.2
#12498 GPL License Missing bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#11160 Function to get object type feature undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#14160 Function overloading feature undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#12715 Function .closest() adds string 'closest(selector)' to variable this.selector bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#10986 Full page source feature low misc 1.7.1
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