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#11906 ajax error on cross-domain-request feature low ajax 1.7.2
#11967 data argument in ajax dataFilter callback is undefined [email protected] bug low ajax 1.7.2
#11980 Por qué el método load no funciona en jquery 1.5.1 hugoamlo bug low ajax 1.7.2
#12097 crossDomain in IE9 is interpreted wrong [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.7.2
#12101 ajaxStart working for .load(), but not for .ajax() bug low ajax 1.7.2
#12181 opera 10 nested assignment bug bug low ajax 1.7.1
#12226 concurrent jsonp ajax requests with the same jsonpCallback value fail with an undefined callback bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12252 supporting $.getJSON for JSON-P services in CSP environment enhancement low ajax 1.8.0
#12264 Allow users customize the return obj in the serializeArray feature low ajax 1.8.0
#12290 $.ajaxSetup "success" global event bug against "complete" and other correct global events(not repeated) bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12348 $.when doesn't work as-documented? bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12362 documentation: jQuery.ajax() and JSONP bug high ajax 1.8.0
#12404 .post() submits expando crimar bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12595 ajax multiple requests aalmeida feature low ajax 1.8.2
#12675 User aborted ajax requests should result in jqXHR.statusText == 'abort' not 'error' bug low ajax 1.8.0
#12716 i cannot use the ajax module of jq on chrome anonymous bug undecided ajax 1.8.2
#12750 Ajax requests with xhrFields fail on IE8 bug low ajax 1.8.2
#12824 Ajax fires abort onunload event, even when using XMLHTTP (IE only) [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.8.2
#12878 $.ajax JSON.stringify issue - replaces ??+ with reference to jquery bug undecided ajax 1.8.2
#12950 scriptCharset in $.ajax not working [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.8.2
#13002 Passing MVC path with an Area as URL in .ajax() [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.8.3
#13051 Double script loading when present in an HTML page called in AJAX (IE < 10) vvo bug low ajax 1.8.3
#13169 'JSON' is undefined error when calling jQuery.parseJSON [email protected] bug undecided ajax git
#13412 parseJSON does not handle undefined in 1.9.1 bug undecided ajax 1.9.1
#13430 Error in parseJSON: [email protected] bug undecided ajax 1.9.1
#13450 "no element found" in Firefox when $.post reply has no Content-Type [email protected] bug low ajax 1.9.0
#13529 $.ajax() Deferred does not pass json data [email protected] bug high ajax 1.9.1
#13588 ajax dataType: 'jsonp' does not trigger fail callback bug low ajax 1.9.1
#13611 $.param should treat empty arrays/objets like empty strings [email protected] bug low ajax 1.9.1
#13806 JSONP error handler for cross origin requests is triggered only after timeout [email protected] feature low ajax 1.9.1
#13814 Ajax get XML response is returning as text instead of XML document [email protected] bug undecided ajax 2.0.0
#13880 contentType not taken into account in .ajax() bug low ajax 1.9.1
#13923 statusCode can not be initialized as an ajax option in $.ajaxPrefilter jaubourg bug blocker ajax 2.0.0
#13965 ajax request never completes if user downloads a file jaubourg bug low ajax 2.0.0
#14384 JQuery 1.10.2 is not working with IE10 bug undecided ajax 1.10.2
#14554 Ticket 14424 Is Closed(Fixed) But It Is Still A Bug! bug low ajax 2.1.0-beta2
#15087 Space in URI making JQuery crash bug undecided ajax 1.11.1
#15117 jQuery.param and long numbers. bug low ajax 2.0.3
#15126 Move ajax event aliases to its own file timmywil bug low ajax 1.11.1
#15142 Global .ajaxError() bug with http code 301 bug low ajax 2.1.1
#15160 ajaxError and ajaxComplete firing twice upon abort bug low ajax 1.11.1
#15166 $.getScript Function may cause XSS attack bug high ajax 1.11.1
#15173 Should support `responseURL` attribute for jqXHR feature undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15177 preflight OPTIONS not sent when credentials are given as arguments to xhr.open() bug undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15187 Preventing jQuery Ajax request being aborted in IE - 8 / IE - 9 bug high ajax 1.3.2
#15189 Basic Authentication does not work with JSONP bug undecided ajax 1.11.1
#15191 serializeArray fails with fieldset in IE bug undecided ajax 2.1.0
#15193 Ajax requests with binary data throw errors in Chrome bug undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15210 2.1.2-pre, ajax.js: environments that don't have 'location' variable will break bug high ajax 2.1.1
#15216 $.getJSON treats request as JSONP when URL contains ?? (two question marks) bug undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15248 Jquery caching DELETE Request on Android bug undecided ajax 1.11.1
#9798 selected attr defined on div returns undefined for .attr() bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9804 .attr() takes only lowercase attribute names (in IE) gulgil enhancement low attributes 1.6.2
#9812 $("#checkbox").attr("checked") don't work with jquery-1.6.2 bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9822 jquery $("#someTRid").attr("for") in ie6 return undefined babysuper bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9833 `maxLength` property is buggy in IE8/IE9 bug low attributes git
#9856 Checkbox checked returning value or undefined in 1.6.2 not true or false. bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9859 Event remove attribute disabled issue [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9879 removeAttr('readonly') anonymous bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9881 Capitalize error message enhancement low attributes 1.6.2
#9890 attr('checked') is not doing right... bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9910 Generally document behavior of setters when passed function returns undefined enhancement low attributes 1.6.2
#9927 $("select").attr("disabled", ""); does not work anymore bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9952 attr ("disabled", true [or false or 1 or 0]) does not work properly in IE marllos bug low attributes 1.6.2
#9955 Attribute selector with innerHTML and quotes bug low attributes 1.5.1
#9998 .attr('onchange') returns undefined bug low attributes 1.6.1
#10034 $(":button").attr('disabled', true) can not work in 1.6.2 but 1.6.1 is ok bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10038 attr returns undefined for disbaled on non input elements bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10046 fail when attr("disabled",false) bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10056 .attr('disabled','disabled') not working properly anonymous bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10073 attr('disabled') always return undefine bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10105 IE7 attr "name" for iframe + form target [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10108 $(form).serialize() requires "selected" attribute in IE anonymous bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10136 .removeAttr has problems in chrome bug high attributes 1.6.2
#10140 Set selected option fails [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10179 attr() & prop() return -1 for undefined attributes [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10196 Use native .cssList api in addClass, hasClass, removeClass, toggleClass prototypes enhancement low attributes git
#10211 removeAttr('id') will clear class in IE7 bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10220 removeAttr("id") clears input name attribute, IE9 compatibility mode bug low attributes 1.6.3
#10239 div (and other non-input elements?) .val no work. suckage. [email protected] feature low attributes 1.6.3
#10248 Checkbox attribute "checked" error bug low attributes 1.6.3
#10249 attr() [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.3
#10252 .val() bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10262 Empty attributes gives undefined! doctor Rudolf bug low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#10271 optionEl.attr('selected', false) messes up the DOM in WebKit browsers bug low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#10274 checked broken for radio buttons bug low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#10280 if ($(‘#xyz’).attr(‘checked’)) ... not works correctly anymore bug low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#10289 Fire propertyChangeEvent in $.extend function feature low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#10291 get files array from input type fule with multiple attribute [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.4rc1
#10309 defaultValue problem in attr() function (1.6.2, 1.6.4) bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10325 Can't get value of hidden input bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10337 Jquery Validation Sumit Nangia bug undecided attributes 1.6.4
#10351 $('#xxoo').removeAttr('disabled'); Jimmy bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10357 remoteAttr("checked") destroys defaultChecked bug low attributes 1.6.2
#10360 The Attribute Equals Selector doesn't seem to work with "hash" bug low attributes 1.6.3
#10378 Val method always return undefined [email protected] bug low attributes 1.4.4
#10408 getting scrollHeight dont work anymore bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10418 .attr doesn't work like previous versions [email protected] bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10463 RemoveAttr should check if attribute exist (when it's possible) before remove it markel enhancement low attributes 1.7b1
#10479 .prop select matching element instead of property bug low attributes 1.6.4
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