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#13876 Modify attribute of all elements in class bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#14116 Moment format vs jQuery UI datepicker format feature undecided unfiled 1.10.1
#11800 More than one command in JS_ENGINE variable bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#13999 Mouse movement not tracked in example bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#15045 Mouse over/out on codesamples having scroll in jQuery site causes code block to expand bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0
#10759 Mouseout event behaviour differs from 1.6.4 to 1.7 anonymous bug undecided unfiled 1.7
#11093 Mouseup causes mousemove event to fire arty.name bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#12989 Move ajax "global" event behavior to compat plugin bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#15126 Move ajax event aliases to its own file timmywil bug low ajax 1.11.1
#14543 Move more types constants to separate variables like strundefined FarSeeing feature undecided unfiled 2.1.0-beta1
#13197 Multiple Select and Drag doesn't work bug undecided unfiled git
#13198 Multiple Select and Drag doesn't work bug undecided unfiled git
#12763 Multiple arguments support in addClass feature undecided attributes 1.8.2
#13948 Multiple arguments support in hasClass feature undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#13949 Multiple arguments support in hasClass feature undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#9821 Multiple attribute selector issue with ie9 and some versions of ie8 in JQuery 1.61-1.62 bob.v8 bug low selector 1.6.2
#13053 Multiple selector doesn't work with attributes selectors inside [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#10415 Multiple selectors in live, die, delegate and undelegate feature low event 1.6.4
#11569 MutationRecord's previous sibling (and prev()) bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#10866 My elements are losing attached data once the DOM loads bug low data 1.7.1
#10483 NAN value on 1.6.4 version Hagau Ioan bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10139 NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR .xhtml on safari [email protected] bug low misc 1.6.2
#14726 NS_ERROR_FAILURE when asynchronously getting script Kakao bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#11271 NaN return instead of integer in combination with jquery.actual plugin bug low misc 1.7.2b1
#10721 Name attribute not getting set dynamically in IE 8 bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#11546 Namespaced events not working for data change events bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#12421 Native autocomplete/autofill doesn't trigger change events in IE enhancement undecided unfiled git
#11211 Navigation issue I.E.9 bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#13842 Nearly tripple the performance of repetitive id selection [email protected] feature undecided unfiled 2.0.0
#12962 Need for '$.whenAll' function feature undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#14580 Nested $(doc).ready calls don't work in IE9 or lower [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#12900 Nested $.each()es with indexes don't perform as expected bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#12287 Nested custom pseudo class selectors throw exceptions bug low selector 1.8.0
#13927 New Callbacks.promise() method feature undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#13460 New Feature: $.cache bug undecided unfiled git
#13498 New Traversing Methods; .nextFirst() .prevFirst() feature undecided unfiled git
#13104 New click event on checkbox behavior doesn't make sense when using preventDefault() bug undecided unfiled 1.9b1
#13195 New element creation in IE8 with class attribute bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#14026 New feature: ancestor() feature undecided unfiled 2.0.2
#14027 New feature: ancestor() feature undecided unfiled 2.0.2
#12420 No examples working jdsharp bug low web 1.8.0
#14082 No find() in top level bug undecided unfiled 2.0.2
#11189 No such interface supported bug low selector 1.7.1
#11202 No support for XDomain request in IE bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#13096 No transport error while getting XML data from live HTTP url bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#12697 Node creation fails for Chrome in XHTML under certain conditions Sorensen bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#11408 Non pixel length are wrong for detached elements [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#11438 Non-persistence of events when reappending dom nodes to their original parent bug undecided unfiled 1.7.1
#11177 Non-specific issue with 1.7.1 [email protected] bug low misc 1.7.1
#14068 Non-text xhr responses causing error in xhr.responseText access ct bug undecided unfiled 2.0.2
#10936 Normalise setTimeout(fn, 0) and setTimeout(fn, 1) bug low core 1.7.1
#11533 Normalize css.clip bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#13125 Normalize explicitOriginalTarget cross browser feature undecided unfiled git
#14515 Normalize scrolling of document feature undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#13583 Not Found The requested URL /jquery-1.6.3.min.js was not found on this server. bug undecided unfiled git
#14225 Not Found Error in Google Chrome 29.0.1547.41 beta bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14762 Not able to capture 302 redirect using ajax statusCode [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0-rc1
#10316 Not able to use dataType:"text/html" in jquery 1.5.2 bug undecided unfiled 1.5.2
#14438 Not found in chrome 30.x bug undecided unfiled 1.9.0
#14471 Not identifying dom element bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#14128 Not loading script from localhost without "crossDomain: true" [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 2.0.3
#14837 Not properly packaged for Bower anonymous bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0-rc1
#12093 Not work The following construction [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11393 Not working ...follow a tab's URL instead of loading its content via ajax bug low misc 1.7.1
#12712 Not working selector $('input[type="number"][value=""]').length [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.2
#12103 Null is Null or Not an object - from specific machines bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11422 OUTERWIDTH / HEIGHT, INNERWIDTH / HEIGHT - RETURN INCORRECT VALUE [email protected] bug low dimensions 1.7.1
#10390 Object does not support property or method getAttributeNode [email protected] bug low core 1.6.4
#10486 Object does not support this property or method jquery-1.6.4.js bug low misc 1.6.4
#9922 Object doesn't support this property or method [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.5
#13102 Object doesn't support this property or method [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#14032 Object.defineProperty missing in opera 11.10 bug undecided unfiled 2.0.2
#13494 Object.defineProperty not supported on DOM Objects in Android < 4.0 Rick Waldron bug undecided unfiled git
#10206 Odd scroll-to-top behavior observed in IE8 when delegating to `tbody tr` bug low event 1.6.3
#12200 Offset returns wrong values in IE9 when parent element has :first-line pseudo bug low offset 1.7.2
#10521 Omitting % sign after 0 in .animate property breaks animation in Chrome bug low effects 1.6.4
#14641 On 301 redirect POST body is lost bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#12413 On Androi Jelly bean 4.1.1 click event is triggered twice [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#13617 On Safari, options with index>0 is selected twice times bug undecided unfiled 1.9.1
#10525 On element-rooted queries, we attach an ID to the context, but not for all selectors in a comma-separated selector timmywil bug low selector 1.7b2
#13037 On ipad safari event.pageX is undefined bug undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#9942 On page Kevon Hayes bug undecided unfiled 1.6.2
#11712 Onfocus inside Jquery append anonymous bug low manipulation 1.7.2
#9864 Onknowed problem with de release version [email protected] feature undecided unfiled 1.6.2
#11223 Opacity show doesn't works sanbor bug low effects 1.7.1
#10838 Opera .slideToggle() bug anonymous bug low effects 1.7.1rc1
#10921 Opera 11 - reordering selectors (comma separated) returns different number of elements! [email protected] bug low selector 1.7.1
#12422 Opera 12 error - Unhandled DOMException: SYNTAX_ERR bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#12135 Opera find(:checked) fails on frame navigation MrMamen bug undecided unfiled 1.7.2
#11050 Opera, position: absolute, transparent layer and mouse events [email protected] bug undecided unfiled
#14812 OperationalError: (1030, 'Got error 122 from storage engine') bug undecided unfiled 1.11.0-rc1
#10170 OperationalError: (1205, 'Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction') anonymous bug low misc 1.6.2
#12335 OperationalError: (1205, 'Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction') bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#12563 OperationalError: (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away') bug undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#11410 Optimisation - delegate to $.has for calls to $.closest whicgh are passed a node/jQuery rather than a selector wheresrhys enhancement low unfiled 1.7.2b1
#14332 Optimize jQuery.grep for ES5 compliant browsers bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#13291 Optimize jQuery.type() for 2.0 feature low core git
#12959 Optimize regex/splitting/looping etc. patterns to make jQuery more compressible feature undecided unfiled 1.8.3
#12325 Options parameter for $.when() to provide alternative semantics enhancement undecided unfiled 1.8.0
#14977 Output Rendered and then Disappears [email protected] bug undecided unfiled 2.0.3
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