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#10360 The Attribute Equals Selector doesn't seem to work with "hash" bug low attributes 1.6.3
#10366 animate() does not work for font-weight bug low effects 1.6.4
#10367 Allow passing an array of promises to jQuery.when enhancement low deferred 1.6.4
#10374 $('#audio').play() should use first compatible source tag feature low event 1.6.4
#10376 ajaxStart() is inadvertently fired when the page is loaded through HTTPS and getScript() calls the same domain via HTTPS too bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10381 Inlcuding jQuery into Firefox extension growing up CPU load bug low misc 1.6.4
#10384 webkit browser throws exception on fadeIn and fadeOut (fix) bug high effects 1.6.4
#10388 .is('[disabled]') return wrong values in Opera bug low traversing 1.6.4
#10391 Add jQuery Mobile link to jQuery main website top menue enhancement low web 1.6.4
#10396 .attr('name', undefined) returns attr value instead of current set bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10399 attributes getting modified to lowercase. problematic with case sensitive apis bug low manipulation 1.6.4
#10400 Leveraging the powers of .live() feature low misc 1.6.4
#10401 jQuery doesn't retreive the correct measures bug low dimensions 1.6.4
#10404 Cannot use global variables? bug low ajax 1.6.4
#10405 offset() of SVG elements on mobile Safari not correct bug undecided misc 1.6.4
#10408 getting scrollHeight dont work anymore bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10409 IE 8 Differs from other browsers with .height() bug low css 1.6.4
#10410 Build in support for window.history.pushState feature low ajax 1.7b1
#10411 JSLint Error when running make bug low build 1.7b1
#10412 Chrome/Safari issues with click() bug low event 1.6.4
#10414 Width/height-measures return wrong value in connection /w CSS-transitions bug low dimensions 1.7b1
#10415 Multiple selectors in live, die, delegate and undelegate feature low event 1.6.4
#10419 error in google chrome bug low effects 1.6.4
#10422 Getting current selected option element from select bug undecided unfiled 1.6.1
#10424 Add .toArray() method enhancement low core 1.6.4
#10425 animate's complete infinite loop on exception bug low effects 1.6.4
#10428 jQuery core 16.1 - 16.4 break on IE7 (try/finally block without catch) bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10430 attr('disabled','') removeAttr('disabled') bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10433 removeProp don't working for title bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10434 checkbox checked bug bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10435 jQuery.merge refactor enhancement low core 1.7b1
#10436 jQueryUI Dialog Issue bug low misc 1.7b1
#10441 Add .hasData method in addition to jQuery.hasData enhancement undecided unfiled git
#10444 jQuery.data and $().data are different things bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10446 issue with jquery 1.5.1 + htmlfile: Invalid number of parameters. bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10447 IE9 checkboxes are cleared by .html(value) bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10448 the event is not fired if it is in different place i was using it for master page.... bug low misc 1.6.4
#10452 $(element).data(key, value) is inconsistent depending on element. bug low data 1.6.4
#10454 offset().top returns wrong value for fixed elements and their children when page is scrolled bug low offset 1.6.4
#10455 Global object created but not cleaned up in all IE browsers when aborting AJAX requests bug low ajax 1.6.4
#10458 jQuery.isPlainObject() always returns false when Object.prototype has a properties bug low core 1.6.4
#10461 selector :checked sometimes returns object with checked attribute false (Opera only) bug low selector 1.6.4
#10464 Documentation for ajax load() missing - found instead on load() event bug high ajax 1.6.4
#10469 prepend() bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10471 Custom selectors do not get added to subbed version of jQuery. bug low selector 1.6.4
#10472 jquery-1.6.2 not changing select (default) element in Firefox when default is first bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10473 Adjusting td's height with Chrome (webkit) browser, gives wrong results. (1.6.4) bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10475 Redundant naming of $.support.supportsFixedPosition bug low support 1.7b1
#10479 .prop select matching element instead of property bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10480 sub link not active while click on the link bug low misc 1.3.2
#10482 removeAttr method doesn't work in IE 8 quirks mode bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10486 Object does not support this property or method jquery-1.6.4.js bug low misc 1.6.4
#10491 fadeToggle & slideToggle should have a form taking showOrHide feature low effects 1.6.4
#10492 find(".class") behaves different in IE / Moz when element has more than one class bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10494 Radio button checked state inconsistent with e.preventDefault() bug low event 1.6.2
#10496 $.attr doesn't work, in on click handler it keeps attribute old value after overriding its value bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10502 attr should return an empty string, not undefined per DOM spec. bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10505 Returned (inner)width and (inner) height are incorrect in FF & IE bug low dimensions 1.6.4
#10508 Complete incompatibility with ie8 bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10512 ajax loaded html data-* attributes not parsed bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10516 minified and gzipped should be just minified.. it's not gzipped.. bug low misc 1.7b2
#10520 this is the real ticket holder and i have prove enhancement low unfiled 1.7b2
#10521 Omitting % sign after 0 in .animate property breaks animation in Chrome bug low effects 1.6.4
#10523 this.form.submit stopped working bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10528 Count of active ajax request enhancement low ajax 1.7b2
#10533 ajaxPrefilter functions not executing in expected order bug low ajax 1.7b2
#10534 POST Ajax and contentType sends no data. bug low ajax 1.7b2
#10535 Sizzle filter function bug low traversing 1.6.4
#10536 Download Button not working bug undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#10538 Meetups Membership Wait bug low web 1.7b2
#10540 unable to load html content bug undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#10541 jQuery.map should not flatten out result array. enhancement undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#10542 Adding data-role=button to asp.net button control causes exception in IE8 and IE9 bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10543 findChildren (opposite of closest) enhancement undecided unfiled
#10545 Don't expose jQuery to `window` with AMD bug high core 1.7b2
#10546 .live not working on iOS 5 bug high event 1.6.4
#10547 Regarding spamming bug low web 1.7b2
#10548 val(value) does not send change events bug undecided unfiled git
#10549 please remove spammer bug undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#10551 Slider bug low misc 1.2.6
#10555 .live() + .trigger("change") throws a run time error bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10557 .focus() on text input not working as expected in Firefox bug undecided unfiled 1.6.1
#10561 Colon Problmen bug undecided unfiled 1.4.2
#10564 ScrollTop and ScrollLeft does not work bug low attributes 1.6.4
#10565 IE8: JQuery .find() fct:: "unexpected call to method or property access" bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10566 File upload enhancement low misc 1.7b2
#10571 minor fix, to make jquery xml conform again bug high support 1.6.3
#10573 exception in jQuery(selector [, conext]) bug undecided unfiled 1.7b2
#10577 1.6.4 Doesn't won't allow a plugin using 1.2.6 to work bug low core 1.7b2
#10578 Jquery Mobile:Jquery 1.7rc1 and Jquery mobile rc1.js bug low misc 1.7rc1
#10580 tmpl error bug low misc 1.7b2
#10585 loading in a form via .load() the input and select elements don't work in ipad bug undecided unfiled 1.6.4
#10590 jquery valdiation plugins does not work bug low misc 1.7b2
#10591 Sizzle filter should skip display:none elements bug low selector 1.7rc1
#10592 readonly XMLRequestHeaders not detected in setRequestHeader bug low ajax 1.6.1
#10595 Selectbox width() and css('width') discrepancies bug low css 1.6.4
#10596 JQuery Ajax always fail while loading a cs sfile bug low ajax 1.6.4
#10597 IE8, $(document).height() != $(window).height() bug low dimensions 1.6.4
#10598 jXHR.done should be fired with setTimeout when xhr is in complete state enhancement undecided unfiled 1.6.4
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