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#9924 api.jquery.org auto-correction override enhancement low web
#9943 Jquery Ui issue bug low misc
#10094 Please feature undecided unfiled
#10111 Spam in Plugins bug undecided unfiled
#10543 findChildren (opposite of closest) enhancement undecided unfiled
#10552 Ajax response status 0 [email protected] bug undecided unfiled
#10611 It's unclear how to best contribute to jQuery Rick Waldron enhancement blocker build
#10658 Highcharts - column chart fails with 1.7 code base bug undecided unfiled
#10694 Selector :hover dont work in Opera 11.53 bug undecided unfiled
#10695 Inconsistent behaviour of show() bug high effects
#10706 The regex /\s+/ appears three times bug low misc
#10711 For Loop Missing Opening Brace. bug low web
#10714 jqGrid problem bug low misc
#10715 data fetching in jquery from sql database bug low misc
#10722 Jquery 1.7 cdn i still down bug undecided unfiled
#10726 $(#document).closest('[foo]') throws error in IE timmywil bug low selector
#10736 iframe load event bug low event
#10758 Bubble popup give jquery error in xhtml doc but works fine in html doc bug undecided unfiled
#10767 jQuery.fn.exists = function(){return jQuery(this).length>0;} var $jq = jQuery.noConflict(); // Get current page URL var sPath = window.location.pathname; //var sPage = sPath.substring(sPath.lastIndexOf('\\') + 1); var sPage = sPath.substring(sPath.lastIndexOf('/') + 1); /* Load when DOM is ready bug undecided unfiled
#10771 animation Bug Michael bug undecided unfiled
#10772 Jquery 1.7 throws error in ie9 bug undecided unfiled
#10774 catch statement not defined in the try block [email protected] bug undecided unfiled
#10778 $form.submit() behaving differently between chrome and firefox [email protected] bug low event
#10779 Documentation Split enhancement low misc
#10806 Someone has been spamming the Plugin bug undecided unfiled
#10834 Page for help on searching jQuery website contains just the single word "click" bug low web
#10898 Demos not working! anonymous bug low misc
#10905 JQuery Event Binding bug undecided unfiled
#11050 Opera, position: absolute, transparent layer and mouse events [email protected] bug undecided unfiled
#11095 navigator.taintEnabled anonymous bug undecided unfiled
#11140 Bug Tracker sometimes fail - MySQL server has gone away bug high web
#11205 .submit() documentation example is outdated/incorrect about effect of trigerring submit Chealer bug low misc
#11312 Suggestion: .serializeObj() enhancement undecided unfiled
#11414 fn.alphanumeric not working for multiple controls bug low misc
#11417 Create account on jQuery.com/Clean up tutorials page bug low web
#11448 invalid argument error when using addrule ..(java script language) bug low misc
#11464 event.timeStamp is a Date object rather than an integer in Android [email protected] bug low event
#11482 [jQuery Bug Site] Hidden Spam Links (not comment spam) bug high unfiled
#11590 http://api.jquery.com dead bugs link bug undecided unfiled
#11674 Logic error/typo on :checked documentation bug undecided unfiled
#11678 Dialog buttons disapear bug undecided unfiled
#11768 Ad for jQuery SF Conf is overpowering enhancement undecided unfiled
#11849 broken links bug undecided unfiled
#11984 Memory Leaks while appending and removing rows from and to the table bug undecided unfiled
#11986 Memory Leaks while appending and removing rows from and to the table bug undecided unfiled
#12400 Script example does not work at url: bug undecided unfiled
#12401 KeyError: 'captcha_redirect' bug undecided unfiled
#12604 jQuery Blog RSS feed broken bug undecided unfiled
#12877 License on jquery.com feature undecided unfiled
#12903 Extra body tag in blog web page bug undecided unfiled
#13073 Selector containing 'value' attribute causes deprecation warning bug undecided unfiled
#13168 Link to Presentations in Footer are "#" bug undecided unfiled
#13323 Dont worry, just a CSS bug on some pages :P bug undecided unfiled
#13343 Overwrite your webpage bug undecided unfiled
#13347 index( undefined ) returning incorrect values bug undecided traversing
#13520 try.jQuery.com bug 3.21 ajpiano bug undecided unfiled
#13607 themeroller don't work bug undecided unfiled
#13726 Unable to get property 'nodeName' of undefined or null reference bug undecided unfiled
#13808 .attr("value", *** ) can set the value of an input element but it can't reset it bug undecided attributes
#13867 Return jquery.Event for chaining feature undecided unfiled
#13893 SSL Certificate for code.jquery.com is incorrect bug undecided unfiled
#13897 Solution of "Using prev()" in try.jquery.com bug undecided unfiled
#13901 SharePoint Column Validation feature undecided unfiled
#13916 JQuery page offset error! bug undecided unfiled
#14069 Label containing a radio / checkbox seems to fire click event twice bug undecided unfiled
#14145 jquery mobile grid-listview demo is broken bug undecided unfiled
#14191 Improvements to jQuery.globalEval feature undecided unfiled
#14280 Data attribute set by .attr method is not correctly retrieved by .data method bug undecided unfiled
#14347 Stop script error in IE8 with JQuery.validate.js bug undecided unfiled
#14601 Little bug with preventDefault in jquery latest bug undecided unfiled
#14605 Allow ajaxTransports to send progress updates feature undecided unfiled
#14646 Version 2.1.0-beta3: NodeJS: Error with most recent npm module [email protected] bug undecided unfiled
#14689 Include composer.json into github repository, create official packagist package feature undecided unfiled
#14705 Incorrect document height [email protected] bug undecided unfiled
#15179 Syntax errors in minified sources bug undecided build
#9833 `maxLength` property is buggy in IE8/IE9 bug low attributes git
#9883 Allow users to respond to other ajax event states. jaubourg feature low ajax git
#9912 test/unit/offset.js contains two identically named tests Rick Waldron bug high offset git
#9913 test/unit/queue.js contains duplicated test Rick Waldron bug high queue git
#10020 node:has(node:contains('text')) doesnt work as expected bug low selector git
#10196 Use native .cssList api in addClass, hasClass, removeClass, toggleClass prototypes enhancement low attributes git
#10441 Add .hasData method in addition to jQuery.hasData enhancement undecided unfiled git
#10477 Unbind removing all handlers, not just the specified one dmethvin bug undecided unfiled git
#10495 before() fails but native insertBefore() works ok pferreir bug low ajax git
#10548 val(value) does not send change events bug undecided unfiled git
#10618 The mouseenter and mouseleave events don't fire unless the mouse is moved bug low event git
#10620 Would like to have ticket #8542 re-opened bug undecided unfiled git
#10673 Label .on('click') may fire twice bug undecided unfiled git
#10732 open tickets for jqueyr feature undecided unfiled git
#10804 Replaced innerHtml calls with insertAdjacentHTML bug undecided unfiled git
#10823 inconsistent results when using [value=blah] bug undecided unfiled git
#10829 IE9 crashes when running jQuery Data tests suite from swarm.jquery.org bug undecided unfiled git
#10885 Missing timestamps from Mouse Events bug undecided unfiled git
#10919 piso feature undecided misc git
#10947 Remove redundant return value in $.Callbacks bug undecided unfiled git
#11215 jQuery Documentation 404 errors bug low misc git
#11372 html() does not work for <link> bug low manipulation git
#11378 Disabled link not reported as ":disabled" bug low selector git
#11391 IE8 error when calling .html() on input element bug low manipulation git
#11432 live() with parent() bug low event git
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