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#14953 Add capture parameter to event related methods lrbabe feature undecided event
#15221 :hidden can't set css display bug undecided css 2.1.1
#13832 $("html").parent() differs from $("html").parents() bug high traversing 1.9.1
#15164 jQuery 2.0.3 not supported in IE 8 jdsharp bug high web 2.0.3
#15168 IE 8 not supported by jQuery 2.0.3 jdsharp feature high web 2.0.3
#12723 Consider using "display: default" (once implemented) to circumvent the defaultDisplay code path feature low css git
#13537 Make unit tests work with selector-native.js m_gol feature low build 2.0b1
#14407 expose interface to .usedStyle and .rawComputedStyle once implemented feature low css 1.10.2
#15205 No way to globally clean up data feature low data 2.1.1
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